Why the Lake District is the Best Place for a Winter Break

Guest Post

Home to stunning scenery and charming culture, the Lake District is one of Britain’s top holiday destinations for many reasons. Unlike many other top holiday spot, it’s a destination that’s charming and enjoyable in both winter and summer.

From snow-topped hills and frozen lakes to warm summer sun and beautiful hilltop views, the Lake District has a lot to offer in any season. It’s a dream destination, both for nature enthusiasts and culinary gurus, history buffs and brave thrill-seekers.

Read on to discover eight great reasons why the Lake District isn’t just England’s top summer destination for families with young children, adventure tourists, and hiking enthusiasts, but also one of its best all-round winter holiday destinations.

The Lake District is one of Britain’s best winter travel destinations.

The Lake District is one of Britain’s best winter travel destinations.

1. Excellent winter weather

During the summer, the Lake District’s weather is equal parts glorious sun and grey, gloomy rain. Both offer a unique and rewarding experience – the first ideal for walks and adventures, and the second ideal for exploring the region’s indoor attractions.

In winter, however, the weather is cool, crisp, and atmospheric, making the region a charming destination. Aside from the slightly warmer clothes, you can enjoy a great experience that’s just slightly different from what you’d get in summer.

2. Tasty local winter treats

The Lake District is home to some of Britain’s best restaurants, and many are even more fun in winter than in summer. Tuck into a delicious roast dinner in one of the Lake District’s finest pubs, or enjoy a tasty local treat in hundreds of restaurants.

3. Britain’s best local pubs

Offering great views, charming gardens, and some of the best pub grub in the entire country, the pubs of the Lake District are truly exceptional. Stop by for a tasty lunch or spend a rainy winter afternoon enjoying a great book, a drink, and a good dinner.

4. Exciting outdoor activities

While it’s best known for its hill walks, the Lake District offers a wide range of extra activities for dedicated adventurers. Take part in off-road driving, high rope courses, and even downhill mountain biking trails.

As well as its excellent outdoor activities, the Lake District is home to an indoor go-kart track that’s perfect for young children, an excellent indoor rock climbing wall, and even a unique and interesting pencil museum.

5. Wonderful hill walking

Many of the Lake District’s best walks are even more fun in the winter than they are in the summer. From Orrest Head to Aira Force, venturing into the wilderness of the Lake District is a rewarding – albeit often quite crowded – experience.

Since the Lake District can be quite rainy in winter, it’s best to pack a pair of padded, comfortable shoes. Pick something that will protect your feed from wet weather and still remain comfortable enough for a two-hour walk.

6. Intriguing local history

The Lake District has been home to some of England’s best artists. From well-known poets to iconic children’s book writers, the Lake District is one of the best places in the country to learn about some of England’s most iconic creative forces.

7. England’s finest scenery

Lush rolling hills and beautiful lakes make the Lake District a postcard come to life for visitors. Enjoy excellent winter scenery, complete with a coat of powdery white snow that’s rarely seen by most Lake District tourists.

8. Charming and affordable accommodation

The Lake District is home to a wide range of different accommodation options. From high-end hotels to charming bed and breakfasts – there are also some great holiday lodges for sale in the region – the Lake District is an easy place to find a great place to stay.