3 Beautiful Beaches on Long Island, New York

If you are preparing for a beach vacation this summer, you should take a trip to Long Island and visit one of the many beautiful and adventure-filled beaches. There are opportunities to explore many areas of the oceanfront, with different parts of the shore offering activities for casual beachgoers to seasoned vacationers looking to try something new, we recommend the  whale watching california tours which are amazing. While you are planning your summer getaway why not look here for amazing swimsuit options.

Hither Hills State Park

Hither Hills State Park is a beach located on the east end of Long Island and is one of the only two beaches in the surrounding area that does not require visitors to have a resident permit to go in. In addition to that, beachgoers only have to pay $10 to park, which is on the low price end for Long Island beaches. It is also easily accessible by public transportation. This beach is perfect for individuals who are looking to get a well-rounded beach experience. Not only can you bird-watch and walk among the famous “walking dunes” of Napeague Harbor, but you can also camp at the beach with a permit that costs $35 a night (make sure you book in advance, though).

Fire Island National Seashore

Image via Flickr by Ilyse Whitney

If you are seeking a beach that is both historical and fun, you should visit Fire Island National Seashore. Encompassing 26 miles, this beach offers historical and cultural sites, natural areas where you can view various forms of wildlife and plants, and numerous programs that range from typical beach activities (swimming, boating, camping) to other more unique opportunities (stargazing).

One of the places history lovers must see is the William Floyd Estate, the original owner being one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. The estate is open Friday through Sunday from Memorial Day to Veterans Day, so plan accordingly. In addition to viewing the home and the grounds, you can also go on a more natural exploration of the forests and fields surrounding. If you are seeking to be more adventurous after that stop, you can go on a Fire Island Trek, which is a ranger-led walk that lets visitors explore all of the areas in the National Park.

Sandspit Park Beach and Marina

Sandspit Park Beach and Marina is located in the town of Patchogue and has breathtaking views of the Long Island Bay. There is a large Marina and a fishing dock at Sandspit Park, as well as many park benches to view the boats and water. One of the main attractions of this beach is that it offers a ferry service to various stops, including Fire Island National Seashore, Patchogue Bay, and Davis Park. To enjoy this quaint beach that offers access to many nearby attractions, why not stay in a hotel nearby?

By visiting Long Island, you not only have the possibility of traveling to one beach and conquering all of the adventures in that specific area, but you can also explore more than one part of the coast. With an entire shoreline of individual, distinct beaches, you have the opportunity to leave feeling as if you traveled to more than just one place.