5 Must See Places to Visit in Cyprus

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Five Must See Places to Visit in Cyprus

Guest Post by Simon Clark

A holiday in Cyprus means a standard beach holiday for many travellers, but the truth is that there are a lot of places to go and attractions to see whilst on the island. While it’s true that Cyprus was once known as a prime clubbing and beach destination, recent years have seen a number of changes on the island, and there with a great number of things to do, here are a few of the most popular choices:

1. Visit Ancient Kourion

Considered to be one of Cyprus’ most important and iconic archaeological sites, the site at Kourion, which is found near the town of Episkopi on the island’s southern shores is home to some of the most extensive Greco-Roman ruins in the world. Featuring a number of impressive structures and well-preserved mosaics, notable sites of interest include the House of Gladiators, the public baths and the impressive Greco-Roman theatre.

2. Head to the Troodos Mountains

The Troodos mountains range is the biggest range in Cyprus, and it is located in the centre of the island. The most famous of these is Mount Olympus, which stands at 1,952 metres, and is not be confused with the infamous mountain of the same name in Greece. This area has become very popular with tourists as it remains relatively untouched compared to other resorts in Cyprus, there is so much to do, such as visiting the many UNESCO World Heritage Sites, monasteries and churches that can be found in the area, walking recommended tourist trails, and even, during the winter, skiing, as the Troodos Mountains gets good snowfall at that time.

3. Experience Cyprus’ New ‘Clubbing’ Scene

A few years ago, Cyprus, namely the resort of Ayia Napa (see Ayia Napa holidays) was considered to be a prime clubbing destination, but in recent years the island has moved away from its hard partying reputation and instead moved to a more sophisticated entertainment scene. Destinations such as Limassol has become well known with tourists for its upmarket beach bars, which have become the haven of choice for many visitors, and have replaced the tired beach bars that used to line the main street in Germasogeia. While partying is still an important part of Cyrpus’ tourist market, the scene is much more laid back, with emphasis being on providing quality venues and products for revellers.

4. Indulge Your Taste Buds

A trip to Cyprus wouldn’t be complete without a few visits to one or more of the local tavernas that can be found dotted around the island. Avoid the ones in the main tourist resorts, as they don’t often let you have a real taste of the local food and drink, and instead focus on the smaller ones that offer new takes on some of Cyprus’ most influential dishes, these tavernas can be found outside some of the big resorts, such as Araouzos Taverna, in the village of Kathikas, who specialise in wild boar and wild fowl or Koutsonikolias in Lanarka, for lamb and asparagus dishes, plus much more. Also let yourself sample some of the island’s best coffee shops for some mouth-watering Cypriot coffee, especially the frappes, which is best enjoyed during the long, hot summer months. These shops line almost every street on the island, so there is always an excuse to enjoy the best coffee in the Mediterranean. If you can’t visit this attraction yet, you can always indulge yourself with coffee thanks to those commercial coffee grinders online.

5. Discover Untouched Cyprus

If you want to get away from the busy tourist areas, and see what Cyprus was like before the tourist resorts, then a trip to the untouched Akamas peninsula in the west of the island offers visitors an abundance of Cypriot wilderness, surrounded by the beautiful Aleppo pine trees. Akamas is the largest area of undeveloped land in Cyprus, and is worth exploring for a day to get a real feel of the rustic side of the island. If you’ve booked a holiday to Cyprus, take the time to book a walking or a bike tour with a tour company around the peninsula’s rocky terrain and explore the region’s off-road tracks for a day of unbridled discovery, adventure and of course, fun.


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