A Weekend in Newcastle

The charming city of Newcastle upon Tyne in the United-Kingdom is mostly known as “Newcastle”. Located in the North East of England, the city seduces many visitors thorough the year. Numerous attractions and monuments are worth seeing as medieval castles, neoclassical architectures or parks.

What to do in Newcastle?

Located in the Northeastern of England, the city benefit from its proximity with nature and its heritage from medieval times.

Walking down the streets of downtown Newcastle is really pleasant thanks to a neoclassical architecture. The Grey Street is a perfect example.

The Victoria Tunnel remains one of the best attractions in Newcastle. You will have the opportunity to discover the city’s historical underground tunnels.

The 14th century Alnick’s Castle is the second biggest in England and it shelters a great collection of painters. You will find many more attractions to do in the official tourist information site.


The Aspers casino of Newcastle

The city of Newcastle reserves lots of surprises to the curious who come all year-round. One of them is the Aspers Casino of Newcastle located close to the main shopping area. It is one of the 3 casinos of the city.

It features 20 slot machines and 70 electronic terminals. You will have the pleasure to enjoy many types of table games as Roulette, Blackjack, Three Card Poker, Punto Banco, Casino War just like the ones one your favorite online casino site https://www.onlinecasinogames.com/pragmatic-play/ and the Wheel of Fortune in a luxurious red and grey decor.

Many offers such as packages, special events and gifts are featured to entertain the clients.

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Restaurants in Newcastle

If you are looking for a great dining, there is no need to go too far. The “Freya’s” restaurant located inside the Aspers venue provides tasty dishes in a chic setting.

But you can also discover the rest of the city and open the doors of the “Quilliam Brothers” and the “Artisan” in order to try traditional English plates.

The Pakistani and Indian communities are also well represented in Newcastle; the “Luigikhan’s” is a nice Indian cuisine experience to live.

If you are in a hurry, the “COOP Chicken house” will suggest you fast high–quality service.