Bermuda, Bahama, Come On Pretty Mamma..

I wanna cruise my butt over to the Bahamas… but I seem to have my knickers in a bit of a knot! Brain hurts from over-thinking. Brain going on vacation. Brain requests you do it a favour by reading through the +ads and -disads below and reaching a conclusion on its behalf. Brain thanks you in advance…


+ Disney Cruise Lines = Cast Member discounts.
+ Positive word-of-mouth from past Disney Cruise Line guests.
+ Disney own their own private Island on the Bahamas that no other cruise line can visit…

Castaway Cay

+ The Flying Dutchman pirate ship from the movie ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean‘ is docked at Castaway Cay and I think that would be pretty awesome to snap some shots of!

The Flying Dutchman from Pirates Of The Caribbean


Aimed at a much younger audience… and we all know how I feel about children; right 😐 … *Slaps face* Woops, did I just type that?!? Who am I kidding? I love children!

– – – – – – – – – –


+ The regular cruising prices work out the same as the Disney Cruise Line prices with our Cast Member discount included.
+ Heard through my uncles, sisters, brothers, neighbours, god-fathers, sister-in-laws son that the food on-board is amazing!
+ “Hi, I’m Lynda and I’m a Disney-holic…” It will be like AA for Disney… Disney free for four days straight!
+ Aimed at a not-so-young age group. Not saying that I’m old or anything but… *cough* less kids *cough*


No Castaway Cay… Now, Lynda, do you really need your own private island on the Bahamas… like, honestly… just stop being so high maintenance already. Gheez!

– – – – – – – – – –


+ Super cheap.
+ Aimed more towards my age group.


Heard it through the grapevine that they are a scummy, dirty cruise line. Honey, honey, heyyyy!
My brothers, mates, neighbours, uncles, mother-in-law says the food is pretty crappy.
No Castaway Cay… Lynda, we’ve already been through this once before, don’t make me repeat myself. You’ve been warned!