The Best Places to Grab a Bite in Baja

If you’re headed to the Mexican state of Baja California and you’re unfamiliar with the area, you may need a little help finding some grub along your journey. There are so many iconic locations and dishes that it’s hard to narrow it down. From breads to tacos, seafood to salads, Baja holds some of the most delicious cuisines in North America. Here are some of our favorite spots if you’re ready to try a little bit of everything.

Tacos El Fenix

If you’re from California, you may think you’ve experienced some of the best Mexican cuisine as it has migrated upstate from the border. But, if you’re eating a fish taco at your local spot by your homes in Fresno, Anaheim, or even San Diego, you’re seriously missing out on the real taco experience. A favorite among tourists, the fish taco is a core piece of Baja cuisine. So, what better place to eat it than the first fish taco stand in Baja? Tacos El Fenix is a classic piece of Baja history and a favorite among both tourists and locals. Give the shrimp tacos a try as well while you’re at it – they’re sure not to disappoint either!

Caesar’s Restaurant

It is rumored that Caesar’s is the home of the very first Caesar salad, so it makes sense that theirs should be the best. Located in Tijuana, Caesar’s provides guests with the original Caesar salad experience, consisting of a few simple ingredients made with love. Did I mention they prepare it for you right at your table? If you’re still hungry, the Oysters Rockefeller are to die for and the Beef Wellington is top notch.

Telefonica Gastro Park

Another spot in Tijuana, Telefonica is the nexus of food trucks. If you’re looking to please a group, this place is a must-see because of the plethora of options, everything from meat-heavy cuisine to vegan options. Telefonica also has a microbrewery on the premise and a phenomenal collection of craft beers, as well as a wine bar. Only have time to try one place? Otto’s Grill reigns supreme at Telefonica, specializing in delicious seafood.

Angel Del Mar

If you’re a fan of the freshest lobster in the entire world, Puerto Nuevo in Rosarito Beach needs to be one of your destinations. Here, you’ll find some of the finest lobster you’ve ever tasted at Angel Del Mar. Caught fresh every day, they are served with freshly baked tortillas and drawn butter. For a gorgeous view, make sure you insist on a rooftop table and take in the ocean view over dinner.

El Rey Sol

One thing that Baja does well is baked goods. You may be surprised to see French pastries in Mexico, but when you take the first bite your hesitations will melt away. El Rey Sol is considered the first French restaurant in Mexico, family run since 1947, and is great for more than just pastries. Stop in for breakfast and enjoy one of their famous omelets.