Five Adventure Travel Destinations

Adventure lover? But where to go on your next trip? Too many choices are there but no proper guideline as to tell about something new, but really adventurous. Here we are with some exciting and thrilling destinations for you to quench your thirst for adventure. Remember that our adventure travel includes an interaction with nature, interaction with culture and some physical activity. You will get all these in a single trip when you travel to any of these travel destinations. You may opt to go on your heavy bike wearing good motorcycle helmets for big heads if you also think equal to it. For this very purpose, you may buy discount helmets for motorcycles and keep yourself safe and sound during your adventurous trip. Anyways, here are some really adventurous travel destinations where you are bound to enjoy. Mind you, all of these belong to the developing world


A former part of the Soviet Union, 20 years back, located at the far north of Europe, this law-lying country on the Baltic sea is nearly 50 percent forested with nature-filled hiking trails, marshes, lakes and rivers in national parks and free state-run campsites. Often secluded beaches, limestone cliffs and over 1500 islands are the beauty of coastal Estonia. How many tourists visit this small beautiful country can be judged from this fact that in 2010 the number of visiting tourists was 1.6 million which is more than the total population of Estonia, 1.35 million.


Located at the southeast coast of South America and covering 2880 miles, Chile is abundant in natural resources, variety of landscapes from the high Atacama Desert to the famous fjords, mountains and lakes of Patagonia. Chile is also famous for its Easter Island (Aka Rapa Nui) found almost 2200 miles west in the south Pacific. This country boasts of one of the world’s least inhabited places and strongly recommended for sustainable travel.


Bulgaria, well famous for hosting a 1200 km endurance bike race through the mountains, draws tourists from all over Europe to enjoy themselves with winters skiing and summers on the Black sea. You can also have great fun and adventure in its mountainous terrain by doing hiking and climbing over there. Bulgaria also feels pride in its historical articrafts dating from as far back as the Thracians and the Romans and bringing a lot of cultural tourism to the country. The government is also building new museums to show off all this ancient culture.


The Jordanian tourism centralizes itself round the city of Petra, a city carved out of a stone canyon hidden in the southern desert. An ancient Arab civilization, the Nabateans, built this city in the 6th BC. Numerous Roman ruins lie in the capital city of Amman and Northern Jerash. Gorges and desert lowlands are rich in natural reserves including the reserves at Mujib which is the world’s lowest lowland at 410 meters below the sea-level. This lowland of Mujib located near the Dead Sea is home to some 300 plant species.


Romania is earning a lot of cash through tourism by the thousands of tourists who visit it for camping and hiking in the Carpathian Mountains. The tourists also love to explore the painted monasteries of the northern Moldavia and to experience the medieval cities surrounded by traditional villages. Starting from Germany and covering some 1800 miles, the Danube River finishes itself here and its delta offers 2200 square miles of canals, marshes, lakes, and islands.

So, these are some of the adventure travel destinations you are sure to enjoy a lot.