Five Things To Know Before Traveling To Phuket, Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful place to visit, and most tourists carry unforgettable memories of the “Land of Smiles.” If you’re planning to pay a visit to this exotic land, then we suggest some basic tips that will help learn your way around. Hiring the services of a Phuket car rental could be one of the few things to start with! Listed below are some customs and practices that you should pay attention while traveling to this beautiful Southeast Asian country.

1. Follow traditions and proper etiquette

There are some simple things you can make a point to do that have an enormous effect by the way you’re seen by the local people. First of all, it will go a long way to learn a few important Thai expressions such as “please” and “thank you.” The Thai greeting called the Wai can be performed by setting your hands together like praying and completing a slight bow. Additionally, take your off shoes before going inside temples and in general houses as well. It’s viewed as extremely disrespectful to keep on your shoes in buildings.

2. Keep away from animal tourism

Getting up close and personal with Thailand’s most fascinating creatures has turned into an absolute necessity for many Western visitors. Photos with monkeys, tiger gardens, and elephant trekkings are just a few activities travelers are keen to partake in. However, many visitors are ignorant of how these creatures are abused on a daily basis in these types of establishments. Do your research about ethical places to visit like animal sanctuaries, where the animals have been saved from cruel and abusive homes. Be ethical when interacting with wildlife and you won’t have it sitting on your conscience.

3. Be careful about too good to be true bargains

If someone offers you something that appears to be too good to be true, odds are that it is. For example, a cabbie reveals to you a specific sanctuary is shut but they’re glad to take you to another one that is much further away. In the event that they won’t disclose to you any further information, question why. In many cases, tourists are usually exploited in these types of ways. The most ideal approach to save yourself from getting ripped off is to do your exploration and to know the signs. Know the extra charges and opening times for tourist spots you want to visit. Put resources into a guide for yourself in case you forget. This will help you avoid falling prey to such scams.

4. Respect the Royal Family

The Royal Family and the King specifically are highly respected by the Thai. When you arrive, you’ll learn very quickly that there are photographs of the King everywhere, so don’t show contempt in public. Many of the Thai people see their King with high Buddhist standards of deference.

5. All about food

A gigantic piece of Thailand’s charm is their delicious cuisine. I mean, who doesn’t absolutely love Thai food? Even if you’re ready to dig in immediately, we recommend that you tread softly at first to give your stomach a chance to adjust. The street food is super tasty and you can get a major supper for around one to two dollars right away. However, the sanitation is something you may need to get used to. Don’t drink tap water directly either.