Lake-ception in the Philippines

Taal volcano is situated a few hours south of Manila and is the geological example of the mind bending film, Inception… well sort of. It’s a lake with a volcano within a lake and it was a sight I’ve always wanted to see. During a 6 week family trip around the Philippines visiting cousins and aunts that I’d never met, we made a point to it head to Tagaytay; the province where this phenomenon can be seen.


By the afternoon we were on two small fishing boats that powered across the outer lake carrying us towards the island in the middle. Sitting at the front meant that I was constantly copping a face full of sea spray any time the boat slapped down against the water.

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I noticed a dead fish floating on the surface of water wondered if its death had been caused by gases coming from the volcano. I pushed these fears aside and returned to focussing on the island ahead.


Stepping off the boat we made our way to the small rural village where we met out guides that took us to the top of the island on horseback. We began up the rocky ascent at a slow speed and I was able to get a better view of the lake. The late afternoon sun bought a soft light that was refracted by the small waves so that it was constantly shimmering. For more Diving in the Philippines for the first time advice, there are many articles where you can learn from.Phil4

This place was taking my breath away the higher we got, partly because of the picturesque views but mostly because I had  to start holding my breath as I adjusted to the smell of sulphur which began to permeate the air a lot more prominently as we reached the top.


Now I blame it on the smell of sulphur emanating from within the volcano below as the reason for my family’s sudden snap happy ways. I did a few jump shots despite my mind replaying the scenario where I would land on my feet wrong and end up rolling down towards the sulphur lake. Ok so my imagination can get real dramatic real fast.


We adjusted to the smell and I would have loved to watch the sunset from such a unique location but the fading light meant that a ride downhill on a tired horse with loose rocks on the foot path spelt disaster. We soon left the sulphuric scent behind and it was soon replaced with smell of fresh water that was being carried to us by the wind. Before getting on the boat I took a step back on the rocky shore poking at my bare feet; I looked back up at the volcano top in awe of the spectacle I had just come from. Right before my camera batteries went flat I managed to catch the sunset which now bathed everything a soft shade of pink.


If you ever get the chance to go to the Philippines, Taal volcano is something that needs to be seen.  Yes that includes the terrible rotten egg smell of sulphur because should I come across a bad batch of eggs the smell will always remind me of the lake within a volcano within a lake and the incredible sunset I saw.



Written by: Kennross Obciana – A Travel writer for InsureandGo Australia, a travel insurance company.  Much of his adventures involve trying new food, speaking and meeting locals  and aimlessly wandering allowing the place to open up and reveal itself to him.