Lifestyles of the rich and famous…

Welcome to the playground of the rich and famous; a country that levies no income tax on individuals and is loved dearly by high-rollers from right around the world… what country am I talking about? Monaco!

Just a quick blog to let you all know that I am safe and well. Yesterday we explored the French Riviera. It was absolutely stunning, well, all except the nude, fat, sunbathers whom were crisper than a super-crisp piece of bacon! Sorry to kill your fun, but not such a great look, love!

Last night we headed out to the Monte Carlo Casino. We were going to frolic amongst the filthy rich, and, for a few hours, pretend that we were somewhat in their caliber of class and wealth. Hey, one can dream! We were told to dress up as we would not want to look like trash in such a classy area. We’ve got to find quality dresses yet affordable ones like the cheap prom gown that we could use to make us more presentable as well. We marveled at the Lamborghini’s, Porsche’s, Ferrari’s and Rolls Royce parked out front of the Monte Carlo Casino. I wondered if the owners of these flashy dream cars worked hard for their money or if they were luckily born into wealth. Perhaps they got lucky at the casino we were about to step foot in? Who knows? I do, however know, that money is not everything, and despite my diminishing bank balance, I am having the absolute time of my life; perhaps better than that of the time being had by the high rollers inside, gambling their meaningless monies away.

The girls and I posing befor entering the Monte Carlo Casino