Marco Island Water Sports Review – Parasailing

We had a second day out on the water booked in with Marco Island Water Sports, but this time it was to go parasailing! I had never been parasailing before so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I had seen plenty of photos of young children doing it, so figured it couldn’t be that scary, right?!


Marco Island Water Sports is located on the beach of the Marco Island Marriott Beach Resort (they also have three other locations on the island!) – you’ll find them at the straw hut pictured below! It was super convenient to wake up in the morning, put our swim gear on and just head downstairs onto the beach.

Marco Island Water Sports - Marriott Beach Resort

For more details of where to find Marco Island Water Sports and for a review of their Waverunner tour, you can read my previous post here. Marco Island Water Sports is just one of the many fun things to do in Marco Island.


The parasailing description seemed pleasant…

Parasailing is the ultimate eco-thrill! Enjoy a bird’s-eye-view of the sparkling waters of the Gulf of Mexico, possibly seeing dolphins, manatee, fish and tropical birds flying beside you. Fly high about the pristine waters of the Gulf and soar like an eagle. This safe and truly spectacular experience will amaze and delight guests of all ages with breathtaking views of Marco’s beached, the Gulf and a glimpse of the 10,000 islands.

Starting from a sitting position on the back of one of our specially equipped parasail bots, you will be gently lifted into the air. You will exhilaratingly ride on the wind ends with a gradual descent and soft touch down back onto the boat. Take a waterproof camera along or order one of our photo packs with pictures taken of you as you fly. Fly solo, double or triple.

Sounds easy enough, right? Right, so off we went!


We could not have asked for a more perfect morning for this; there was no wind and for the most part, the sky was crisp and clear. Upon boarding the boat, we are each handed a life vest to put on. We then take turns standing up to pull our legs through a harness which when all strapped in, will become our parasailing seat. If you will like to take you own boat you can do it and now is easier than ever with the boat financing options available.

Marco Island Water Sports Review Parasailing

We are told to walk towards the back of the boat and sit down. My harness is not attached to anything just yet, so I get a little nervous doing this, but manage to keep my balance and successfully sit down with my legs out in front of me. Clipping us in only takes a few seconds, and before I know it, my butt is being raised off the boat. I’m pretty sure my face says it all… OH EM GEEEEE!

Marco Island Water Sports Review Parasailing


love flying; when I’m up in the air in a plane, I feel like I can take on the world, but this, this is a whole different story. Terrified doesn’t even begin to convey what I am feeling. At least in a plane I have a metal tube supporting me, here, it was a piece of fabric under my butt and a couple of ropes and knots.

You expect the wind to frantically rush up against your face and for that same gush of insane air that prevents you from hearing clearly when you open your car window while driving fast, but it’s completely the opposite. There is no wind. You can hear everything perfectly. From up here, life seems so serene.

Marco island water sports parasailing

There are times when the boat needs to turn, so instead of having a nice, taut rope between you and the boat, the rope gains some slack to make the turn. It is at these points where I am convinced we’re going to take the plunge; either just our feet or our entire body. You come quite close to the water before the boat completes its turn, picks up speed and taut-ness is re-established again, yay! And yes, I did just make the word taut-ness up.

After ten or so minutes of being airborne, I have relaxed enough to remove my hand from its tight grip of the harness and take some photos. The views of Marco Island from above are spectacular. The turquoise water glistens as it captures the suns morning rays. A sense of tranquility eases over me… until we look down and spot a hammerhead shark swimming directly below us. Nothing like a 9:30am shark sighting to get the heart racing!

Marco Island Water Sports Review Parasailing


Unless you need to make an emergency landing for whatever reason, all parasail landings should be made on the back of the boat. As we are being reeled in for landing, our captain brings us in for a touch down, dunking our feet into the Gulf. Obviously this makes me scream like a girl…

Marco Island Water Sports Review

You land standing up making it easy for someone to come around, grab you, unlatch you and set you free. Our landing was extremely smooth and within seconds, I was unbuckled and sitting back in the boat, safe and sound. I didn’t check the time, but I think we were up in the air for roughly 20 minutes.

Although I was terrified at first, parasailing really was an incredibly enjoyable experience and something you definitely need to try for yourself, preferably over a picturesque back drop! The team at Marco Island Water Sports were fantastic, and if you don’t believe me, check them out on TripAdvisor, they’re ranked #3 of 62 activities in Marco Island!!!



1. If you have a water proof camera or a GoPro, I highly recommend bringing it along for the ride. There’s plenty of time to grab photos and you’ll definitely regret not taking any.

2. If you’re keen to participate in this tour, be sure to make a reservation, especially during peak season! It’s the best way to avoid disappointment!

Marco Island Water Sports Review
Marco Island Water Sports Review

Marco Island Water Sports Review
*Marco Island Water Sports kindly provided us with a complimentary Parasailing adventure, but all opinions are my own.