Melbourne, I Love You <3

Despite popular belief (and I say this because many people often mistake me for a Canadian), I am a Melbourne girl, born and raised. I love my city, absolutely bloody adore it. Although perhaps being slightly biased, through all 70+ cities I have travelled throughout this world, I have never found one that comes the least bit close to matching what Melbourne has to offer. The sights, the atmosphere, the food, the people, the sports, the culture, the arts; Melbourne truly does have it all.

View from the 36th floor looking towards Etihad Stadium, MelbourneView from the 36th floor looking out over Southern Cross Station, MelbournePeople, especially tourists (more so, those from overseas) are often mistaken into thinking that Sydney is the city of Australia. Sydney is the main pimping point of Australia to overseas tourists, but upon discovering Sydney myself and having spoken to many tourists who have been there, it is a sad realisation and disappointment for them when they see that the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge is pretty much all Sydney has to offer, and after having witnessed these two attractions (which takes a whole five minutes), Sydney is pretty much a boring city with unwelcoming people and no culture. Melbourne is the place to be. Just ask anyone who’s ever been to Melbourne and they will tell you that Melburnian’s are some of the most laid back people in the world. Oh, and how could I forget, we know how to party!

The weekend that just went by I was playing guide to a few friends who had come down from Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney… all of whom fell in love with Melbourne and its beauty. We stayed in an apartment complex on Spencer St, right across the road from Southern Cross Station. We were 36 floors up and had the most breathtaking balcony views by night. Despite not being a fan of the height, I went out there pretty much every night to just admire the view of my beautiful city. In 24 days, I will be leaving all this behind and moving to the U.S.A. I have nothing but love for America, but it was at this point, on that balcony, as the sun set, that I realised I would miss Melbourne very, very much.

View of Melbourne from the 88th level at the Eureka SkydeckWhile the group was down in Melbourne I took the opportunity to check out the Eureka Skydeck with them. The Eureka Skydeck is 88 levels of awesomeness offering an awe-inspiring view of Melbourne from the Southern Hemisphere’s highest viewing platform. Once on the 88th level, 360 degree views of Melbourne can be enjoyed for as long as you desire. There is a bar up top so you can purchase a beer, sit back on the couches up there and just relax and soak in the beauty that is Melbourne and the bay area. The Eureka Tower also offers “The Edge” experience. The Edge is a glass cube which projects three metres out from the building, with you in it – suspended almost 300 metres above the ground! While the cube slides out from the building, the glass is all frosted to keep you in suspense, then once fully projected, the frosted-ness vanishes to give clear views around and below through the glass. It was nice off the supervisor to advise us that only the middle two glass panels have been known to fall out. I was shitting my pants, this was not the time for jokes! After a few minutes of observing, you are given the chance to have a souvenir photo taken, which I couldn’t help but purchase! Sucked in.

View of the Art Spire & the Yarra River from level 88 of the Eureka Skydeck

The weekend also consisted of some self-indulging in the form of musical performances! First up was P!nk. This amazing lady has broken an Australian touring record selling out in excess of 50 concerts (arena size venues) in Australia over the span of 3 months, 15 of those alone being in Melbourne at Rod Laver Arena. Her ‘Fun House Tour’ was phenominal and I was lucky enough (after queing up for 8 hours in the freezing cold) to score myself front row. P!nk is one crazy woman, absolutely insane! The stunts she was pulling were freakin’ amazing!

_.__Pink performing at Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne 30/05/2009______Pink hanging from the ceiling at Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne - 30/05/2009

Pink & one of her back up singers performing at Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne 30/05/2009

Sunday was the cause for much hype. We received tickets to Rove (talk show here in Australia) to watch Kelly Clarkson perform her hit new single, ‘I Do Not Hook Up’, live in studio. We had front row and I wound up with a camera stuck in my face the whole time. We were advised that, if this happened, to not look down at it, so I didn’t. This meant my mug ended up on TV several times when the camera switches to the front row. You see me shamelessly jumping, screaming, clapping… you know, the usual. I clapped so hard that day I bruised my palm. Check out the video below, chuck it into high quality (HQ) to try spot me:

And just when you thought the weekend couldn’t get any better, it did, much better. I witnessed a private concert on the Fox Rooftop with the one and only Kelly Clarkson. The concert was good enough by me, but then this happened and my life was made complete. I love her!

Nic, myself, Kelly Clarkson & Gavin in Melbourne, before the Fox Rooftop

Kelly Clarkson and I on the Fox Rooftop, Melbourne

Best weekend ever!

P.S: Melbourne, I will miss you. You’ll always be home <3