NMX 2013 Las Vegas

Forgive me blog, for I have sinned, it’s been six weeks since my last entry…

I’ve been pretty slack keeping up to date with all my travels lately, but a good part of that has to do with me always being on the go and not being able to find a spare few minutes to drop in here.

It’s true what they say; time flies when you’re having fun. We’re already half way through March and I feel as though I haven’t had a second to myself – except for now, of course.

So far, 2013 has proved to be one crazy adventure as I airport-hop my way around the world. In these ten weeks alone I’ve already left footprints in four countries and counting; it’s exhausting. Sometimes I take the opportunities I’ve been given for granted, but then I pause and remember just how hard I worked to get to where I am today, and I’m brought back down to earth. I truly am blessed.

Anyway, back to the purpose of this blog entry…


Earlier this year I headed to Las Vegas on business to attend the New Media Expo presented by BlogWorld. Here’s a photo diary of my time there…

On the flight over from Orlando, our Delta pilot announced that we were flying over the deepest part of the Grand Canyon – this was pretty exciting for me. Despite the numerous times I’ve visited Vegas and as much as I’ve wanted to, I’d never made the journey out to explore the Grand Canyon. The view out the plane window was nothing short of incredible! I really must make the effort to get down there next time.

Flying over the Grand Canyon


Second time staying here. Amazing hotel with a great location on the strip.

The Mirage - Las Vegas


One of the seven resident Cirque shows that Las Vegas has to offer, LOVE is located in The Mirage. First time I saw this show I coughed up $250 for a third row ticket and didn’t regret a penny of it, second time around and it was just as incredible. Hands down the best Cirque du Soleil show I’ve ever seen. A must for any Beatles lover.

LOVE - Cirque du Soleil


On recommendation from my CMO, we had a client dinner booked in at The Golden Steer which is located off the old Vegas strip. While the neighborhood easily looks like one where you could be raped, mugged and left for dead, don’t let it fool you – The Golden Steer is a real gem with a rich, iconic Vegas history; not to mention the most mouth-watering steaks in Vegas!

Our hostess for the night (who’s name I can’t recall) was awesome. She gave us a tour of the restaurant and had so many stories to share with us about famous (and infamous) customers that used to frequent The Golden Steer including Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Marilyn Monroe and even Elvis! If you find yourself down this end of town, be sure to check this place out – I feel like it’s one not many tourists know about.

The Golden Steer - Las Vegas


We spent some time wandering through and admiring both The Venetian and Caesars. While wandering through Caesars Palace we accidentally stumbled into the Michael Kors store. Within five minutes of being in there, this led to an impulse buy… although since I was in need of a new watch, it technically wasn’t an impulse purchase, right?! A few weeks prior my family back home in Australia deposited some money into my bank account for me as a Christmas gift, so I used this and called my new rose gold Michael Kors watch a Christmas present to myself to feel less guilty about dropping $300 on it. Problem solved.

Vegas Shopping

Located off the strip at The Palms, Simon Restaurant & Lounge was our host location for a work-related dinner that we we put on. The restaurant itself was easy on the eye and the food was great. I’m not a mac & cheese eater, but the two sitting by me couldn’t stop making mmmm noises each and every time they consumed a fork full of it, so I’m guessing it was pretty damn good.

I was responsible for organizing the dinner and menu selection for the night so I was aware of what they’d be serving up. Dessert, however, took me by surprise. A platter of multiple sweets was presented to each table as well as a gigantic plate of fluffy, pink, cotton candy. Yes, cotton candy! And when I say gigantic, I’m not exaggerating – each pile was bigger than two of our heads put together! It really made for a fun ending to a great night.

Cotton Candy - Simon Restaurant & Lounge @ The Palms

I can’t recall the exact number, but this was something like my fifth or sixth time in Vegas. Every time I’ve been though, it’s usually for one specific reason – to get drunk and party. Although there was drinking involved this time, it wasn’t crazy like the times prior and I must say, it was actually nice to be sober in Vegas for a change and wake up at a decent hour feeling awesome!