Samabe Bali Suites & Villas Review

Since moving from Australia to the USA, it’s not often that I get to see my parents, let alone spend some quality time with my mum. When the opportunity arose to head to Bali and review the Samabe Bali Suites & Villas and the Grand Mirage Hotel while I was back home visiting last December, I jumped at the chance and convinced my mum to come along with me despite her hesitance.

Samabe Bali Suites and Villas is a luxury, all-inclusive resort located on top of the picturesque cliffs of southern Nusa Dua. It is the perfect escape for those looking to avoid the hustle and bustle of Kuta or Seminyak and treat themselves to pure indulgence at its finest. When I say luxury, I’m talking about your own personal 24/7 butler kind-of-luxury.


The resort features just 81 private suites and villas stretched across eight hectares of land giving it an extremely quiet and exclusive feel. Despite several guests occupying the resort during our stay, there were many times when we felt we had the entire place to ourselves. The stand-alone villas come in both one and two bedroom options which work well for families with children, while the wall-to-wall suites are split between two buildings, with the bottom floor suites each featuring their own private pool.

Samabe Bali Grounds

Samabe is also made up of a gorgeous pool area, two restaurants, a private beach, two bars, and a spa. Each of which will be discussed below…


We stayed in Suite 311 – this is an Ocean Front Family Suite located to the east of the property and we couldn’t believe our eyes. Not only was this the largest room I’ve ever stayed in (was probably bigger than most one bedroom apartments), but it was absolutely stunning. The suite was made up of one bedroom (with a TV!), the largest bathroom in the history of the world, a generously-sized living area, a second half bathroom, and a balcony area.

Given Samabe’s location on top of a cliff, the room offered stunning views of our natural surroundings and boasted magnificent, uninterrupted views of the Indian Ocean which shimmered and danced in various gorgeous shades of turquoise. The large windows and balcony led to brightly-lit interiors with stunning panoramic views.


Samabe Bali Suites & Villas - Ocean Family Suite Bedroom

My mum and I fell in love with the bathroom – it was stunning! It consisted of a full relaxation tub, his and hers sinks, and then a individual, privately closed off toilet and shower area. If you’ve ever wondered if a shower can fit 10 people in it at once, the answer is yes – the size of the shower in this bathroom was just out of this world!

Forgot your toiletries at home? Not a problem – just carry a coconut oil baby shampoo and moisturizer and you are covered. In the bathroom alone they had toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, a comb, shower caps, make up pads, Q-tips (cotton buds), shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion, bath salts/crystals, soap, shaving cream and

bottled water to brush your teeth with a peroxide gel teeth whitening solution . The most accommodating hotel bathroom I’ve ever experienced by far – mum and I were in heaven!

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{Full Bathroom + Half Bathroom}

Samabe Bali Suites & Billas - Suite Bathroom

The living area was insanely spacious and came with a small and basic kitchenette. There was a TV, couch, a dining table and then tea/coffee making facilities along with a fully-loaded mini-fridge that was re-stocked daily; all part of the all-inclusive experience.

{Living Area}

Samabe Bali Suites Living Room


Samabe Bali Suites Balcony


{Panoramic – click image below to enlarge}



Resort swimming pools may be my favorite thing ever – a lot of the time I choose where I’m going to stay based on how amazing their pool is (no joke, especially if it’s a summer vacation!). Pool Cage Repair and every other repairs were done, and we cherished every moment in the pool. The pool area at Samabe did not disappoint. Although all connected, there are three pools to cool off in, each offering amazing views of the ocean over the cliff edge. There are ample pool chairs and umbrellas available as well as the Ring of Fire Pool Bar if you get hungry or thirsty.

We spent an afternoon pool-side and it never once got crowded, in fact, on occasion, we had the entire area to ourselves. It was so great to kick back and relax here without screaming children splashing water on you – a common scene at larger, overcrowded hotel pools.

Samabe Bali - Swimming Pool


Samabe has a gorgeous, private beach, but to get down to it, you have to be willing to make the hike – it’s 172 stairs down from memory… just bear in mind that this does means a 172 stair climb back, and the steps are fairly steep. My mum and I aren’t the fittest people to grace the earth, but we lived to tell the tale… and that was in 95% humidity with the sun beaming down on us! Mum felt particularly proud of this accomplishment.

The beach is completely secluded – you won’t see anyone else down there other than Samabe staff and guests, but very few at that. The sand is soft and free from clutter and the water is crystal clear, clean and warm. While down there and under staff supervision, you have free reign on the resort kayaks, windsurfing equipment, catamarans and snorkeling gear. We didn’t participate in any of the activities – funnily enough, my mum can’t swim! Instead, we chose to walk up and down the sandy shore line and take a few snaps.

Samabe Bali Beach


I’ve stayed at several all-inclusive resorts throughout Mexico and the Caribbean before, but none have ever been as luxurious as Samabe’s. While you can take the Limited Privileges route at a lower price tag, the Unlimited Privileges is definitely worth the extra money. Here are just some of the benefits of the all-inclusive program that Samabe offers to its guests:

    • Flower leis and a cold towel upon arrival
    • A gorgeous twined bag and custom mesh trucker hats for sale which we got one for the each of us
    • All meals and drinks (including room service) included
    • Daily afternoon tea
    • A private butler that is on call 24/7 to assist you in any way possible!
    • Buggy transfers when you don’t want to walk from one part of the resort to another in the heat
    • Airport transfers in an air-conditioned vehicle
    • Unlimited laundry services
    • The mini fridge in our suite was re-stocked daily
    • Complimentary Yoga and Tai Chi classes
    • Access to all non-motorized water sports/equipment and activities (catamarans, kayaks, windsurfing and snorkeling)
    • In-room wifi and wifi access right around the resort
    • One Signature Activity per day, per guest.

The Signature Activities are what really sets this all-inclusive offering apart from others. There are a few options you can choose from, but mum and I settled on the Village Safari Tour (which I’ll touch on in another post) and the one hour massage – this was supposed to be an in-suite massage, but we were able to change it to the spa instead. The massage was incredible. After the amount of time I had spent cooped up in economy class on long-haul flights that week, my body was in pain so I went with a Swedish Massage as it was the most firm and deep one offered.

A complete list of the Signature Activities at Samabe can be found below:

    • Village Safari Tour
    • 60 minute massage at your private suite or villa
    • Tanah Lot Sunset Tour
    • Balinese Cooking Class
    • Private chauffeured drive to Kuta or Seminyak shopping areas
    • Devdan Show at the Bali Nusa Dua Theatre
    • Sea-Walker Experience
    • 60 minute Thalasso Aquamedic Pool
    • Sunrise beach and village adventure walk
    • Batik Painting Class
    • Balinese costume dressing and picture taking
    • Guided bicycle village tour
    • Private sunset tour to Uluwatu followed by Rijstaffel Dinner at the resort
    • Guided snorkeling tourto the nearby Samabe reef

I would have loved to take the Balinese Cooking Class, but unfortunately the select days it was offered didn’t fall in line with our stay.


We enjoyed two main restaurants throughout our stay, Rempah Rempah and the Crystal Blue Ocean Grill. I’m a big fan of food; if I could spend the rest of my life happily eating without gaining weight, then I would *wishful thinking*. Both these dining establishments did not disappoint – especially considering we could order anything and everything we wanted!

Samabe Breakfast ShotsBreakfast is always served in the Rempah Rempah dining room (unless you order room service) buffet or a la carte style and you can also enjoy lunch and dinner here. Breakfast was your usual buffet spread along with some Asian cuisine offerings and the biggest sweets spread ever – donuts for breakfast, anyone? Noms. Upon being seated, you are immediately greeted with vitamin breakfast shots which are so cute and colorful. There are different flavors each morning up for grabs. My favorites were the orange and watermelon ones!

We did a couple of afternoon teas in the Rempah Rempah dining room. This offering was provided after 3pm and was the perfect size to tide us over until dinner. On both occasions, we were served sandwich sliders with different cold cuts inside and then mini savories and pastries – so good! This was also mums fave time to sneak in a cappuccino – she’s very particular about her coffee, but really enjoyed their cappuccinos.

The dinner menu at Rempah Rempah offered many options from various cuisines making it difficult for me to make a decision! We went with chips and guacamole as our appetizer (which they make fresh at your table-side for you), then I chose the Surf and Turf (filet and grilled shrimp) as my main course and a cheese platter for dessert. Everything was on point and simply scrumptious!

Samabe Rempah Rempah Dinner

If you’re feeling a little more fancy, you can also dine at Crystal Blue Ocean Grill; this is Samabe’s more upscale, fine-dining restaurant. This is an open-air seated restaurant, but is undercover. The views from Crystal Blue just can’t be beat – it was pretty awesome watching daylight turn to dark over the Indian Ocean while enjoying great food and drinks with mum from up here.

Samabe Crystal Blue Dinner

The menu here is seafood heavy, but a great selection of grilled meats are also offered. We started with poached chicken and avocado salad with tomato raita and mango, followed by the Mixed Grill for our main course. I’m an avid meat eater so this was pure bliss for me, the salad was extremely tasty and fresh too. The Mixed Grill platter consisted of beef sausage, lamb, chicken, pork ribs, and Black Angus sirloin – all grilled and cooked to perfection with a baked potato. Yummy!

During prior stays at all-inclusive resorts, the unlimited alcohol access has always been a highlight (mainly because I’ve been with groups of friends wanting to party), but with mum, this wasn’t the case. Actually, it worked out well considering Samabe’s all-inclusive only serves unlimited alcohol between the hours of 5pm and midnight, so if you’re looking to get turnt up by the pool during the afternoon, this isn’t the place for you. Actually, if you’re looking for a drunken vacation in general, then this isn’t the place for you!


All the staff we encountered while at Samabe were incredible – they honestly went above and beyond in providing five-star service and friendliness no matter what time of the day. When we’d be walking around the grounds of the resort, they’d stop, bow and ask how “Miss Lynda” was doing today – the fact that they remember your name during the duration of your stay was amazing enough for me!

They were extremely attentive and always wanting to be of help, whether it was getting a buggy for us to take us back to our room so we didn’t have to walk in the heat, or ensuring any reservations or outings we had arranged were running on time. I’ve never experienced service at any other resort at the caliber that Samabe offers it and I can’t recommend the Samabe Bali Suites & Villas enough to anyone who is considering a luxury getaway to Bali. Thank you for an amazing couple of days!

Samabe Bali Staff



*The Samabe Bali Suites & Villas kindly provided me with a complimentary two-night stay, but all opinions are my own.