Spend Your Retirement in Luxury. Revealed are the Top 5 Places to Retire Overseas

Daydreaming about where you can spend your retirement? Having the ability to travel, unwind and spend your much-earned settlement in the sun, and by the pool can easily be achieved. Where might you want to relax? Ideally where the boiling climate is, correct?

They’re many explanations behind moving to another country: if you take into account the overall warmer weather, new and different cultures to embrace, in some places it can be a low-priced way to day to day living, discovering new foods to try, the list really does go on.

Transferring yourself abroad for your retirement would be a dream come true, according to research from holiday home insurance company Schofields Ltd. Over half of people agree to retire overseas, 61% said life seems a much improved and healthier pace of life. 59% of people suggested the way of life is more affordable. Overall, 57% of people would contemplate moving across seas and settle their retirement.

The research broke down the main reasons why people wanted to move, more than half of people, stated that life seems a more relaxed and better pace of life, you can see why you’d want this when retiring, with the hot weather and soothing times by the pool, it’s the perfect setup to retain when trying to relax.

Another reason stated was life can be more affordable compared to back home, most places in Spain and Greece have shown a reduction in house prices. They’re more than 100,000 British pensioners, currently living in Spain, and the numbers are rising as time goes on.

People found it interesting to explore new culture when living in another country. Adapting to the country’s culture can be fun and fascinating at the same time, learning what daily routines the country has or putting into practice their particular dance moves, or learning about their religion, can be rewarding in many ways. One example could be a great way to meet the locals and make new friends by doing this.

The different styles of food and drinks are another great engagement, as many people liked the idea of trying new kinds of food, being certain types of fish or meats, you don’t typically see in your everyday supermarkets or restaurants.

Top places to move to:

  • Netherlands – Known for good quality of life, education and number one for job security.
  • Canary Islands – Off the coast of Spain, solid weather temperatures with stunning views.
  • New Zealand – Showcases breathtaking views, is classed as at the top for people to gain the most experiences.
  • France – Known for romantic places to dine out, quality tasting wine and high in tourist attractions.
  • Canada – Rated by the UN as the world’s best country to live in, the stunning views, friendly locals, incredible outdoor activities. Canadian schools statistically performed better than students from any other English speaking countries.

Travelling is an exhilarating portion of life, it can be visually stunning, educational; being able to learn new languages, new cultures, and backgrounds. They’re many benefits and fantastic lifetime experiences for anybody looking to travel. The walks on the beach alongside the beautiful views and change of scenery are a big factor to people.

Ever thought out the financial side of moving abroad? Taking for granted, some places can be cheaper to live, when comparing to the UK, this will be a clever move on your half as not only you’ll be benefiting from the hotter weather temperatures and experiences, but you’ll also save money from your every-day spendings from back home.