Sydney Harbour Bridge & Kelly Clarkson

One of these things is not like the other…

Last Friday I ventured up to Sydney on business but planned to stay the long weekend for a leisurely catch up with some mates. Those of you who are familiar with my blog or follow me on Twitter will by now know that I am not Sydney’s biggest fan – in fact, if it were not for work or the friends I have there, I’d probably steer well clear of that city. Having said this though, there is one other reason, as sad and pathetic as it may seem, that will lead me up there…

On Saturday morning we hit up The Sydney Cove Oyster Bar for breakfast with a view. My two fried eggs on a massive slice of sour dough toast, bacon and freshly squeezed orange juice went down a treat. The view from our table was nothing to complain about…

Sydney Harbour Bridge


After brekkie we hit up the Paddington Markets which are open every Saturday from 10am. About a 15 minute stroll from Kings Cross, the Paddington Markets were bustling with colour and life and were fun to explore. There are gorgeous one-off clothing and jewelry designs, vintage products galore, fresh fruit and produce and of course, the irresistible, wafting aromas of street food being sizzled up in the many food stalls spread out around the area.

Paddington Markets - Sydney


After Sunday brunch we went for an epic Sunday session at one of my fav drinking spots – The Winery in Surry Hills. At $15 a jug, you can’t really go wrong, especially when their Rosé Sangria and the Pimms tastes as amazing as it does. We started drinking at 12:30pm and finished at around 8pm. Within this time and between three people, 15 jugs were consumed. I don’t even remember eating dinner that night although it seems like we had fun…

The Winery - Surry Hills

That night after the weirdest pre-bed conversation ever with Nadia (sniffing necks, anyone?), I scored two hours of sleep before Nicole’s alarm went off at 1:45am. I managed to stay snuggled under my blankets until 2:30am. When it was time for me to get out of bed, I realised there was a great possibility that I may still be drunk. This was confirmed when I tried to sit on the toilet and almost fell off, not to mention the sudden movement of trying to sit on the toilet actually made me want to be sick. I popped two Nurofen and downed a glass of Berocca and we were out the hotel door at 3:30am and headed for Martin Place…

Standing at Martin Place at 3:40am after a public holiday Sunday night is quite the experience. Drunken randoms that have forgotten how to walk, skanky hoes with their asses hanging out of their barely-there skirts and ugly guys escorting drunken girls back to their hotel rooms makes for some great people watching. Our little group has ever so kindly been renamed ‘Circle f*ckers’ by two charming yet outrageously drunk gentlemen who decided to hang out for a while and take photos with us all. At least there was entertainment to help kill the next three hours…


Call me crazy but I am a HUGE Kelly Clarkson fan as evident here, here, here, herehere and here; pretty sure I’ve been this way since 2002. When I heard she was playing live for the Sunrise Concert Series on the Monday morning from 7:30am, with no shame, I begged my boss for the Monday off of work (I has the bestest boss ever *waves*) and coughed up the $60 to change my flight from Sunday night to Monday night. Yes, this is how much I love the KC. You’re probably reading this and rolling your eyes, but Jaime from Breakaway Backpacker knows exactly what I’m talking about!

Why’d we get there so early if she doesn’t come out until 7:30am? MUST HAS FRONT ROW! That’s why.

Without counting, I think I’ve seen the KC live at least 30 times now, both right around Australia and the USA. I have a huge amount of respect and love for those singers who don’t lip-sync or need a huge stage production with back up dancers and the lot to take away from the fact that they sound crap live. Kelly sounds phenomenal live – even better than on her records if that’s even possible. Today was no exception, she was in fine form and looked incredible – she’s shed a few pounds, found a stylist that finally decided to dress her right and her vocals were among the best I’ve ever heard from her! Everything about this Aussie promo tour to highlight the release of her new album, ‘Stronger’ in stores on October 21 has been close to perfect.

The best part? Totes got to meet her again – such a sweetheart!

Kelly Clarkson and ME!!!!

Just another to add to the growing collection…

Kelly Clarkson and I over the years

Fav performance of the day – Since U Been Gone
You can totes see us all in the front row!!!

Kelly Clarkson - Sunrise

Have you ever travelled to see your favourite musician?