Thai FantaSea’s Abroad

Lady Boy in Phuket, ThailandIf the title of this post is anything to go by, you are probably expecting me to recall the tale of that one massage I had in Thailand (by a chick (man) that closely resembles the one to the left) that went horribly wrong and left me snapping for my towel with my teeth… yes, you read right, my teeth. Since that day, I have not dared have another! That was more a nightmare than a fantasy and shall be saved for a day where I feel like losing my dignity publicly.

If you just so happen to find yourself in Phuket’s Kamala Village Friday through Wednesday you will probably be wondering what all the hullabaloo is about. Phuket’s FantaSea feels like something that belongs at Disney’s Epcot round-the-world experience, and rightfully so; it is labelled as ‘the ultimate cultural theme park’. Although swarming with tourists, FantaSea is inspired by Thailand’s rich, exotic heritage and showcases the charm and beauty of all that Thailand has to offer with some high-tech magic thrown in. Even if you are not a fan of tourist-populated locations, FantaSea has to be experienced at least once.

Phuket FantaSea…..Phuket FantaSea

FantaSea is a 140-acre theme park complex that includes a multitude of activities and entertainment ranging from a Las Vegas-style theatrical show that embraces state-of-the-art technology and will leave your jaw dropping (think 44 dancing elephants on a stage, but sorry, no Barry Manilow here), one of the biggest buffet restaurants in the world (4,000 seats and all the noms your little (or big) tummy can handle) and a carnival village that includes shopping and games (dump the kids here and make a run for it while their backs are turned).

Phuket FantaSea

The night begins with a dinner at Golden Kinnaree Buffet Restaurant. Let me tell you, this is no ordinary buffet. It is labelled the world’d grandest 4,000 seat dining facility and the mythical Kinnarees, half bird and half woman of legendary beauty and graciousness, look after the guests like proverbial kings. This place is huge! Two long buffet counters serve a mix of Royal Thai dishes and popular international delicacies prepared by some of Thailand’s finest chefs. We stuffed ourselves silly here, the food was delicious!

Kinnaree Buffet at FantaSea…..Kinnaree Buffet at FantaSea

If you finish dinner early, you can wonder on over to Carnival Village. While there is a lot to admire as well as crazy-looking characters to have your photos taken with (think Mickey Mouse on crack), it is also a field of delight for crazy shopaholics that like to collect junk (keep your wives away), while on the other hand, there are plenty of high end items that also come with high price tags (again, keep your wives away). If this is not your thing, you are able to take an elephant ride through the park or have your photo holding a tiger cub!

FantaSea…..Tiger cub at PhantaSea

You cannot help but notice the beautifully magnificent Palace of the Elephants theatre while at Kinnaree’s. The outside of the theatre is decorated with, well, elephants and makes for some great photo opportunities. It is this same theatre that features FantaSea’s main spell-binding event.

Palace of the Elephants at FantaSea

Palace of the Elephants at FantaSea

“Fantasy of a Kingdom” Culture Illusion Show is a Las Vegas style theatrical production that incorporates Thai culture, magical illusions, aerial acrobatics, 4-dimensional effects, pyrotechnics, special effects, stunts and elephants (real ones!) into an incredible masterpiece that left my friends and I in awe. I was not entirely sure if there was meant to be a story line to follow, but that did not matter – they lost me at dancing elephants.

Have you been to FantaSea before?

If not, would you ever consider going?


FantaSea Schedule:

  • Dinner: 6pm – 9pm
  • Show begins seating: 8:30pm
  • Show begins: 9pm
  • Show duration: Approximately 1hour and 15 minutes
  • Park operation hours: 5:30pm – 11:30pm every day except Thursday