The Chronicles of Sydney III

I’ve been told time and time again not to mix my drinks, but after chugging endless glasses of beer, taking shots and enjoying a few Malibu’s, I wake up feeling better than I could have ever imagined. I do recall an uncomfortable 5am wake up in which I’m quite sure the hotel floor was spinning as I made a mad dash over to the kitchen sink to slam down a bottle of water in 0.03 seconds flat – it probably didn’t help that I tilted my head back while chugging the water only to see the ceiling fan running laps around my head.

A few hours later and I’m awake; again. Everyone is feeling a little worse for wear. We gather around the bed and review Nadia’s photos documenting the night before. I think it’s clear to say we all bonded last night… a little too close for comfort perhaps? Regardless, we all have a good laugh.

Walking to Sydney HarbourToday is kept brief as we all have flights back home to catch. We decide to take the ultra-tourist path and make our way from Potts Point over to Circular Quay. Nicki assures us that this is only a short stroll… yes, if by short you mean a successful quadruplet labour later…

Without knowing, I accidentally take a photo of my left foot pacing along the leaf covered foot path. It has a nice blur effect to it and I only see this photo a day later.

Since the “short stroll” is taking longer than expected, we decide to mess around and hold up traffic by taking an Abbey Road à la Sydney photo. The similarities are uncanny, don’t you think?…

The Beatles - Abbey RoadThe Crew - Abbey Road Style... in Sydney

A set of quadruplets later and two days of recovery and the Sydney Harbour Bridge is finally in view – Phew! And Nicki tried to tell us Gav was the one who always halved the time it takes to walk somewhere… Delusional much?

We decide to do the stereotypical tourist photos in front of the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. We want a group photo in front of the Bridge but we don’t have a tripod so we ask a random passer-by. We take our places and smile for the camera. One would assume when you are taking a photo for a group of people in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge that naturally, they’d want the Bridge as part of the backdrop… this passer-by however, was obviously born lacking the common sense part of his brain and asks if he’s meant to get the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the photo too – Ummm, thanks for asking?

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Good thing he asked – Can you image trying to convince people that I was standing in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. if he had cut it out of the photo?… “Errr,  no, really, I was! You just can’t see it in this photo!” Smell that? Yeah, that’s what I though – smells like a phony!

Appetito - Pizza Pasta Bar - The Rocks, SydneyMy belly starts to rumble – I have not consumed anything since our drunken McDonald’s run somewhere between the hours of 2-3am last night. Too bad I didn’t check our Maccas visit in on foursquare, then I could have been sure of the exact time we were there!  We are booked in for lunch at a restaurant located in the heritage precinct of Sydney – The Rocks. I know this only because I checked in there (foursquare nerd alert). Hidden behind historic sandstone and stained glass is the stylish, warm and welcoming traditional Italian ristorante – Appetito pizza and pasta bar.

Greasy food is high on my priority list so I order the pepperoni pizza minus the mushrooms and olives – I’ve been eating pepperoni pizza in the US for the last year and a half and not once did I hear of these two ingredients inhabiting a pep pizza – I just wont stand for it! We combo our pizza and do the pizza and drink $20 lunch special. Bit on the pricey side for a small,  individual-sized pizza, but then again, we were dining in The Rocks so it makes perfect sense.

The pizza crust is thin and crisp, just the way I love it. The tomato sauce and herbs they’ve used taste incredible with the greasy and slightly hot pepperoni oil ouzzing onto the melted cheese. I inhale my pizza within minutes – it really hit the spot. Greasy food is always a win after a big night of drinking. Overall, I’m quite pleased with my pizza and agree that it was well worth its value.

The journey back to the hotel is long and tiring. We’ve booked a maxi-taxi to the airport and realise we wont make it in time if we continue walking, so we get the bus. We take one last group photo at the bus stop.

Bus Stop Photo - Sydney

Upon arrival back at the hotel, our cab driver is awaiting us. We quickly grab out suitcases, say some quick good byes to Nicki, Gav and Chris and off we go to Sydney Airport.

As much as it pains me to say it, Sydney, you’ve been fun (at least this one time).