There’s a Hollywood in Florida?!

Worst Blogger Award

And the winner is *drum roll*… Me!

I have seriously been the world’s WORST blogger as of late. And it’s not like I don’t have anything to blog about, I have plenty! In the last few weeks alone I’ve booked a trip to Africa, had my parents visit from Australia, traveled to Southern Florida (twice!), frolicked through Boulder and Denver, and then taken a whirlwind hop across the pond to Ireland – exhausting! I’ve just been a slack ass that deserves a good kick in the butt – but really, I feel like I haven’t had a minute to myself to get the words down. While I’m slacking and skipping out on gym tonight, I figured I should at least do something remotely productive – so here I am.


InstagramIn September we made the four hour drive south from Orlando to Hollywood, Florida to attend a blog conference that my company had a presence at. That weekend, I confused many friends back home in Australia by tagging my instagram photos with both #Hollywood and #Florida hash tags. I guess it’s definitely the lesser known of the two Hollywoods.

After an uneventful four hours stuck in a car with Crystal, we made it to our destination.


The conference was being held at The Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa. Other than that one time we stayed at the Ritz-Carlton in Buckhead, GA, and had a maid come and pull back our bed sheets so we could get into bed easily, this may very well be the next nicest hotel I’ve ever stayed at! And then it happened again – this is becoming quite a trend now wherever Crystal and I go, but somehow we keep getting upgraded to “Club Access” floors in hotels – I’m guessing it must be our sheer beauty and wit, but I *could* be wrong.

We had a balcony room with a view and our bathroom did this crazy thing where the wall separating the bathroom and the bedroom opened up – you could literally roll from my bed into the tub… or climb from the tub into my bed… so strange… and sexual… but mostly strange with a side of hot. You can see Crystal modelling the robes and the crazy tub door below – she is such a camera whore sometimes.

westin diplomat


That night we planned to head out to the local sports bar to grab a bite to eat and a couple of beers – an early yet pleasant night. We always seem to plan these types of nights – for once it would be nice to follow through with one. Sadly, this night we did not. As we were stepping into the elevator to head down to the lobby, a random lady comes out of the elevator…

Random lady: Hey girls, I only wanted two beers but had to buy a six pack, do you want the other four?!
Crystal: *Without hesitation* Of course!

And so began our night, sitting on the lobby couches knocking back a couple of Bud Lights. Free beer always tastes better.

We then proceeded to the bar – pizza and a bucket of beer while watching American football – something I’m slowly becoming accustomed to… until the bartender says to us that two random men on the other side of the bar have bought us our next drink, anything we want. We go with vodka. They pay for our drinks and leave the bar – we didn’t even have to say hi! Easiest free drinks ever, even easier than random beer lady!

I am a bit tipsy, so of course when the next random group of Mexican men pull up beside us at the bar and offer to buy us a shot of vodka, I say yes. I see the bartender pouring peach flavored vodka. I’m *usually* good with shooting flavored vodka and in my head I’ve already prepared myself for it to taste like the most magnificent peach the earth has ever produced. It didn’t.

They let me pick our next drink. Jager bombs it is! Crystal’s next with tequila, then some more vodka, then I pick Jager bombs again… these are the only photos I have form that night…


The night didn’t have a pretty ending. My only regret is that I wish I could remember Crystal’s beautiful rendition to me of Star-Spangled Banner. The only pretty part about the night was the random men picking up the drink bill – which we think was around the $200-$300 mark!


The next morning our CEO was the conference keynote speaker, so while he was doing his thing, we had to babysit his mini-me. Crystal made it down stairs before me because basically she loves babies and couldn’t wait to hang out with this one. They bonded so well and as a result of this experience, she can’t wait to become a mum! Look at her holding his little hand, awwww, Crystal!!!


After attending some conference sessions, mingling with some bloggers and smashing out a solid days work, we decided the sunshine outside our window was too nice to ignore and went exploring the hotel grounds. There seriously couldn’t have been a more beautiful day than this one and the pool grounds that lead out to the beach at the Westin Diplomat were absolutely gorgeous!



20081117_Hollywood_Prime_Dinning_ssIn an attempt to up our class from the previous nights shenanigans, we decided to dine in at the hotel restaurant – Hollywood Prime. This place was rather swanky and had received awesome reviews over on Yelp.

The food and service here was excellent! We were treated to a complimentary sampling of tuna from our Chef prior to our meal and our waiter explained everything to us in the finest of detail – he was amazing!

I went with a side of tomato and fresh mozzarella salad drizzled with aged balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil and a medium rare cut of Prime Ribeye. My God, it was to die for! The mozzarella was soooo fluffy and fresh and the steak was probably ranked up there with the best I’ve ever had. It was far too big a meal to finish in one sitting though so I had to get the rest to go.

If I thought my steak was big though, Crystal basically ordered a dinosaur in the form of a Prime Rib. We’d wondered why the waiter looked at her oddly upon ordering, but now we know why. I sampled her dinosaur – by far the best one I’ve ever put in my mouth. We left Hollywood Prime extremely satisfied and a little roly-polier than when we had entered.


The next morning, Crystal was presenting on a conference panel and soon after, we hopped back into the car and made the four hour drive back up to Orlando. The drive wouldn’t have been complete, however, without Crystal blaming me for breaking her car locks only to realize she accidentally threw her car keys into a trash can at a rest stop which is why her car wasn’t unlocking. Haha.