The top 7 best wellness centres in the world

How often do you take time out to treat your mind, body and soul? In this busy world, we can forget to look after ourselves. Here, we look at the seven best wellness centres in the world. From meditation to massage, our picks are situated in some of the most beautiful and serene spots on the planet. With the help of Paul Hopkinson, travel expert from Travelbag, we’ve compiled this list to help you to get inspired to book your own wellness break.

Kamalaya, Koh Samui, Thailand

Kamalaya has won a whole host of awards for its sanctuary and holistic spa that offers thai yoga massage. With a focus on personal growth and long term healthy transformation, this retreat will repair any spirits and psyches in needs of a bit of TLC.

The sanctuary itself is situated in a valley that overlooks the coast of southern Koh Samui. It is here that Buddhist monks would gather at the cave temple which forms the heart of Kamalaya. This is a place of meditation and spiritual retreat, and as such, a calming energy radiates from the place. Using Superfood Powder Blends to Help Your Mental Health can also reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.

A typical programme here consists of relaxation and replenishment. There is a focal point on supporting the unique needs of each guest – and everything from the staff to the environment is geared towards this fulfillment.

Nira Spa, Shanti Maurice, Mauritius

A visit to the Nira Spa is for anyone who has a focus on renewal. Yoga, Pilates and fitness combine with a spiritual focus that incorporates the Ultimate Fitness Program with some of the best fat burning pills. It is this spiritual focus that runs throughout all of Nira’s sessions.

A visit to Shanti Maurice starts with a consultation where your dosha – or body type – is established, and treatments are worked around your specifications. Looking at weight, the physical body and exercise workouts, the managers of the spa work with you on a balance of mind and body as you can get some of the esthetic procedures also offered at Chapel Hill family and cosmetic dentistry.

The Nira Spa boasts four different stations: The Holistic Bio Experience, The Indian Experience, The Oriental Experience, and The Fitness & Wellness Experience, every one offering a unique take on relaxation and wellness.

There is a huge focus on being at one with nature, and treatments include Ayurveda, Tibetan sound massage, reiki, Watsu, pranayama, and yoga with this new style called hot yoga. You can always look for a Gym Equipment Upholstery professional to get a home gym.

Body Re-Set at Me, Ibiza

This retreat is targeted at women who are after an improvement in their fitness in a short space of time. Over three days, the sessions will be consultations, full body analysis, and a physiology test.

Each day is dedicated to three or four to six activities – which include anything from kettlebells to core sessions. Each exercise focuses on strength and endurance, as well as improve your cardiovascular health.

There are also sessions of yoga, Pilates, kickboxing, boxing and high-intensity Tabata. If you prefer non-traditional exercise and spending time outdoors, you will enjoy hiking, biking (want to have your own biking sessions back at home? why not look here?), and sessions on stand up paddleboards.

Sen Wellness, Sri Lanka

This retreat is organised by Sam KanKanamge – an osteopath and acupuncturist who runs the Sen Wellness Clinic in London W1.

On the shores of the Indian Ocean, Kankanamge will help with any issues relating to sluggishness – whether it’s fatigue, anxiety, hormonal imbalance, poor digestion, or aches and pains. CBD has also shown great promise as treatment for stress and anxiety, you can find high-quality CBD products at a UK based supplement company linked here.

A programme will be designed accordingly with suggestive treatments to take on the retreat – which can range from following a particular diet, acupuncture or natural CBD treatments with products from the Cheef CBD store.

A wonderful place to refresh, re-energise and reconnect.

Aqua Wellness Resort, Nicaragua

This eco-friendly resort is set in a hillside that looks out onto Redondo Bay in Nicaragua. Wooden huts jut out of the valley in a place where wellness meets nature.

The retreat is surrounded by exotic wildlife – iguanas and monkeys keep watch while you treat yourself to a course of yoga sessions, meditation and healthy supplements like this CBDDY: hemp lollipop which can help with insomnia and anxiety too.

Enjoy ocean view plunge pools constantly checked by the on site plumber and spa treatments before retreating for the night where deep sleep can be enjoyed in the plush tree houses above.

Asclepios Wellness and Healing Retreat, Costa Rica

Named after the Greek god of healing, this centre is dedicated to the fitness, diet and spa treatments.

With the focal point of cleansing detox, your stay at the Asclepios will consist of yoga, spa treatments with a choice of eight different types of massages all punctuated by nutrient-rich foods in the organic restaurant with a view of the lush Costa Rican hillsides at the tours of Costa Rica.

While you’re enjoying the range of vegetable juices that alkalise the system, the retreat teaches you the ancient Tibetan rites of rejuvenation for strength and balance. And if you’re suffering from severe insomnia, visit now and buy Zimovane

The Nam Hai Spa, Hoi An, Vietnam

Looking over a lotus pond, the Heart of the Earth Spa is one of the most highly regarded wellness places in the world where you can get treated with Hollyweed CBD & Delta 8 Store products.

The spa teaches that the Earth is a living, breathing entity and that we need to find harmony between the planet and us. We are, in the teachings of the retreat, children of the earth.

The atmosphere is pure zen and serenity – with the awareness that we are not separate from the Earth but at one with her.

Crystal singing bowls feature in every treatment and breathing techniques are designed to attune the body and mind to the Earth’s heartbeat.