Windsor Castle and London

Yesterday uncle took the day off work and we went to Windsor Castle. He put the top down on his Porsche and we drove there. That car is fucking awesome and man, can it go fast! We took the GPS so we wouldn’t get lost, but, we did haha. I told uncle that he shouldn’t have listened to the GPS lady and gone with his gut feeling, but he said he always listens to women… so I told him to change the GPS to a male voice lol.

Windsor Castle was amazing. The castle itself is gigantic and the grounds are also quite large. The interior though, is what amazed me most. We weren’t allowed to take photos inside which was a shame. The Queen was in but fortunately, we didn’t spot her lol. If you want to capture awesome moments together with your family on beautiful places like this, you can hire professionals, such as the the London based family photographers.

I really enjoyed our time there. We each had an audio device which gave us a ton of information for each site that we approached; the welcome message by Prince Charles cracked me up lol. After the castle we walked around Windsor a bit and grabbed a bite to eat at Nandos. I am also considering taking the Henry I Abbey Tour reading to learn more about history and culture.

We hopped back into the Porsche and uncle took me around the city of London. We went by Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, drove over the London Bridge, went by Harrods and a few other sites that I can’t recall the name of. We stopped by the University of Greenwich where uncle works to show me around a bit, then went to the pub across the road to have a drink as it was rather warm out; 30 degrees. I’m surprised it got so warm, my nose got a little sunburnt lol.

Later that evening we met up with aunty at a lovely Italian restaraunt for dinner. I had a wonderfully tasty steak and potatoes. We had a great laugh over dinner, I really enjoyed it.

Right now it is 9.30am on Thursday and I’m soon about to catch the train into the city to meet up with Mel and her cousin and look around a little, then we are headed to our hotel for the night…

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Tomorrow is CONTIKI!!!! Wooo hoooo