Australia Day

“I’ve been to cities that never close down. From New York, to Rome, and old London town. But no matter how far or how wide I roam. I still call Australia home.

I’m always travelling, I love being free. And so I keep leaving the sun and the sea. But my heart lies waiting over the foam. I still call Australia home.”

– Peter Allen

I cried for weeks on end after moving back to Australia from my 14 month stint in the U.S. last year. I hated being back home – it almost seemed like the end of my world. If I had my way, I would still be living in sunny Orlando, Florida and working at the happiest place on earth.

Despite this, truth be told, I’m a proud little Aussie. I love my country but more specifically, my city – its beauty, its people and its rich culture and heritage. No matter where I am in this world and wherever it may be that my path will take me in life, I always find comfort in knowing I am Australian and that I can call the luckiest country in the world, home.

We are a land of new opportunity. A land of religious and political freedom. A land of thriving economy, education and health and a land of which its people enjoy an excellent standard of lifestyle and living.

True to patriotic form, Australia Day was spent outdoors with good company, a glass of wine (although most prefer beer), a killer BBQ and a delicious Pavlova for dessert! Nothing screams Australia Day more than a few snags, hamburgers and steaks on the barbie!

Australia Day BBQ

Given that I’m feeling quite patriotic this evening and considering that I’m never home for more than 10 months at a time, I leave you with one of my favourite Aussie songs and possibly one of the best tourism Australia ads ever produced by Qantas. This ad gets me every time! This one kicks all the post 1998 remakes in the butt…

How did you spend your Australia Day?

What do you do to celebrate your countries special day?