Beach Days in The Garden State

Despite the craptastic summer that Melbourne put on for us this year, the last couple of weekends have been pleasantly warm. Taking advantage of this, I headed out to Geelong Beach and Port Melbourne Beach just to wander around, take some snaps with the help of a professional like a beach photographer, and marvel at the beauty that is the state of Victoria.

Melbourne-Geelong MapBEACH WEEKEND 1: Geelong Beach is just over an hours drive from Melbourne. It had been years since the last time I’d been there and the only thing I could remember about it was the fountain pool just across from the sand that was open for all members of the public to use. Geelong Beach stands to the East of Melbourne on Corio Bay and is a popluar art deco attraction.

A highlight and popular draw card for tourists at Geelong Beach is the swimming enclosure, complete with shark gate sweeps in a half circle around 8 ½ acres of sea water. Kids and adults alike can be seen jumping from the enclosures diving boards, floating islands and slides and even during a busy summer’s peak, this enclosure can accommodate thousands of swimmers at a time.

Geelong Swimming Enclosure

Geelong Beach

Something I had forgotten about were Jan Mitchell’s painted bollards that stretch the entire length of Geelong’s Waterfront. Many of these bollards are painted as historic people and are made out of huge wooden pylons. There are over 100 painted bollards along the coastline and these have become a very recognisable icon that add character and charm to Geelong. Here’s a few I snapped while walking the beach.

Geelong Beach Bollards 1

Geelong Beach Bollards 2

Geelong Beach Bollards 3

Geelong Beach Bollards 4

Melbourne - Port Melbourne BeachBEACH WEEKEND 2: The weekend that just went by was spent at Port Melbourne Beach which is the closest beach to the City of Melbourne. Port Melbourne beach is home to Station Pier – Victoria’s premier sea passenger terminal accommodating visiting cruise ships, navy ships and tall ships.

In the past, Port Melbourne Beach has always played second fiddle to some of Melbourne’s more iconic beaches such as St. Kilda. However, lately with the increased interest in eager apartment hunters looking to own their little bit of beach paradise within close proximity to the city and the gradual rejuvenation of the area, Port Melbourne beach has been transformed in the eyes of Melbournites and is a top hot spot amongst yuppies and the likes.

A short stroll up the sidewalk will bring you to a plethora of beautiful beach-front apartments with white sand virtually greeting them at their door steps. Their location is ideal as they seem to have their own little ‘private beach’ nestled away from the main hustle and bustle of Port Melbourne Beach.

Port Melbourne Beach 1

Port Melbourne Beach 2

Love this photo…

Port Melbourne Beach 3

Port Melbourne Beach 4

After a stroll along the beach, we headed to D’Lish Fish (formely Rex Hunt’s Fish & Chip Shop) for dinner. If you’re after possibly the best fish and chips in Melbourne, this is definitely the place to go – the flake is a mouth-gasm just waiting to happen, absolutely delicious and well worth the $6 per piece price tag.


Point Ormond, ElwoodWe drove a little further down the road, passed St. Kilda Beach and into Elwood. We parked the car and went for another stroll. This is where we came across this gorgeous little hill (image to the left) known as Point Ormond Hill. The hill lies just south of Elwood Canal at Point Ormond Reserve where it rises prominently from the sea to form a lookout over Hobson’s Bay.

I rarely come out to this side of Melbourne, but wished I had known about this place sooner. The view of Melbourne and the Bay area from the top of the hill were breathtakingly incredible. It showcases the very best of Melbourne; city, beaches and park area. Beautiful.

I took some time out to just reminisce; think about what it is that I really want in life and how to make this happen. I’ve been blessed with a great job and a new position which I can make my own and really embrace, I’ve got a great network of friends right around the world, within the next few months, I have trips booked to Sydney, Adelaide, the USA and Mexico and I’ve just worked my ass off losing a shit load of weight. I’m in a good position at the moment, but it will take a lot of hard work and effort to get to where I want to be; and I’m willing to do this. I’ve never been a fan of people who have just had everything handed to them on a silver platter, I believe in having to work hard for things and in return, the feeling of achievement is rewarding and well worth it.

Point Ormond Hill 1

Point Ormond Hill 2

Point Ormond Hill 3