Carrying trusted medication with you when traveling.

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Screen-shot-2011-12-16-at-10.48.20-PMWhen traveling through countries that have different cuisines or high levels of fried foods compared to what you are used to consuming, it is without doubt, that you will suffer from an upset tummy or, at worst, traveler’s diarrhea along the way. A common problem that comes with this is not knowing what medication to take in a foreign country. I’ve come across the problem in some third-world, non-English speaking countries where I have absolutely no idea what I’m purchasing at the drug store, and a problem I experience regularly in the USA is having too many options when it comes to on-the-shelf medications. When one of these medicines inflict you with more pain and suffering, instead of the other way around, you can seek experts, such as the alabama drug injury lawyer, who are trustworthy to help in you fighting your case.

As a result, I’ve learned to pre-purchase medication before traveling to prevent the above problems. Something I’ve recently been made aware of are Bio-K+ Travel Protection Probiotic Capsules. This is the easiest way to take your daily dose of 30 billion active bacteria while traveling to help fight against all those nasty travel illnesses like food poisoning, tummy upsets and traveler’s diarrhea. If you want cheaper options to ease your travel worries, there are tons of budget-friendly medicines available at well-known pharmacies like the Canadian Pharmacy which you can also order online.

Bio-K+, with research proven, strain specific results and approved by Health Canada, has more active bacteria in its formula than any other probiotic on the market. Probiotics are among the beneficial bacteria in the body, found primarily in the gastro-intestinal tract which assists in the regulation of intestinal and improved digestion. Also for travelling is necessary to carry something to help you sleep, and if you suffer from sleep deprivation, mood swings and more you can use the light therapy lamp as treatment.

The best thing about Bio-K+ is that you don’t wait until you get sick to start taking it, you take it pre-departure to prevent any oncoming sickness! A recommended pre-departure dosage is one per day, 3-5 days before departure, and then one to two per day for the duration of the trip. It’s also recommended taking one per day 3 to 5 days after you return just to make sure you’re well-preserved.

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