Daytrips Outside of Melbourne: Daylesford

Mother Nature surprised us a few weekends back with yet another stunningly, beautiful, warm Saturday taking the total to three weekends in a row; a rarity given how craptacular our summer season was.

We could not let such a gorgeous day slip by and go to waste so the girls and I planned a roadtrip up to Daylesford. I had never been there before but had heard only good things so I was eagerly looking forward to the events we had planned.

“Not only known for its springs and mineral waters, Daylesford is a perfect destination for spas and massages. The town is known as hosting some of the best bodywork therapists in Australia. Expect a wide range of treatments such as facials, remedial, deep tissue massage, Ayurvedic, shiatsu and lomi lomi.” Unfortunately for us and although muchly needed, todays trip did not have a heavenly massage and facial on the agenda. In my books, this just gives reason to return.


Daylesford is just 110km north west from the city of Melbourne – by car this journey takes roughly an hour and 15 minutes. If getting there by car, travelers are greeted by winding roads lined with eucalyptus trees and kangaroo and koala signs at each and every turn. If driving isn’t your thing, there are regular v/line services from Melbourne to Daylesford.


Daylesford is quite renowned for its many markets and stalls; a majority of them occurring on Sundays. If you just so happen to find yourself there on a Saturday though, and you are a fan of all things antique and vintage, the Mill Markets is the place to be. You’ll be sure to come across some great bargains and if not, you’re guaranteed to snap some awesome photos like the ones I captured below…

Mill Marketins, Antique Markets, Daylesford, Victoria


We parked the car downtown in the city of Daylesford and walked down Vincent Street in search of lunch. We stopped and read several window-menus trying to decide what we felt like gnawing on.

Having missed eating carbs and fattening foods as a result of my recent weight loss, I felt the need to reward myself by going all out fat – I was thinking carbs, cheese, oily scrumptious meats *drool*, yep, you guessed it, pizza!

The menu out front of the Town Hall Cafe had a few great pizza options on it at a decent price so we decided to try them out. After having to wait a tad too long to be served, we finally placed our orders. By this point, I was probably way too excited for my meat lovers pizza, but it had just been so long since I put something worth getting excited about into my mouth… get your mind out of the gutter!

My meal arrived. I inhaled the glorious aroma of pizza just once before furiously hacking away at it with my knife and fork at a steady yet swift pace, careful to avoid indigestion. Pepperoni, ham, bacon and sausage – now that is what I call a real meat lovers pizza! It was a mouth-gasm just waiting to happen and I was going to let it. Wait, who am I kidding? I did let it happen.


Just a short 7 minute drive up the Midland Hwy onwards to Mount Franklin and you will find The Chocolate Mill. The Chocolate Mill is exactly what its name suggests, a Chocolate Factory which prides itself on being home to the ultimate hot chocolate. This title was awarded in May of 2010 after the Herald Sun rated five hot chocolates within the State of Victoria and The Chocolate Mill’s came out on top!

The Chocolate Mill is opened Monday through Sunday, 10am – 4:45pm and has no cover charge, yep, that’s right, entry is free! There are free chocolate demonstrations at 11am and again at 2pm.

All the chocolate you see for sale is made on site and sold exclusively from the Mill. There is a retail store in front of the kitchen with a viewing window to see the life production of the Mill’s chocolate in all its chocolatey glory. The chocolate demonstrations are jam-packed with knowledgeable facts although who can really focus when a sea of chocolate is churning before your very eyes and the smell of sweet cocoa beans is wafting through the air?!

The staff at the Chocolate Mill take high pride in their chocolates – they use only Callebaut Belgian Couverture chocolate in all their products, made with the finest cocoa beans, natural bourbon vanilla and 100% pure cocoa butter. The chocolate contains no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or palm oils. They do not mix or blend their chocolate with any other chocolate or add any ingredients to stretch it out and the best part, they have chocolate to suit everyone – vegan, coeliac and diabetic friendly chocolate!


Have you been to Daylesford before?