Eyre Peninsula II – Sunrise at Point Lowly Lighthouse

Eyre Peninsula I – Adelaide to Whyalla via Snowtown

My alarm sounds at 5:00am. I jump out of bed bright eyed, eager and enthused. It always amazes me how I can function on such little sleep or at the crack of dawn while on vacation; if only this same theory applied to work mornings. I didn’t expect to be heading out at this hour so I failed to pack weather-appropriate clothing. Lisa lends me one of her hoodies and scarf to throw on top of my already layered torso.

Point Lowly LighthouseAfter a quick stop at the Maccas drive-through window for breakfast, we back-track roughly 30 minutes down yesterdays route to end up at Point Lowly. Today we are going to watch the sunrise from Point Lowly Lighthouse.

Completed in 1883, Point Lowly Lighthouse and the two lighthouse keepers’ cottages are the oldest buildings in the Whyalla area. From here, you can take in breathtaking views of the gulf, coastline, and across to the Southern Flinders Ranges with the view being amplified to reveal a different style of beauty at sunrise.

The ground is covered in millions of smooth-cut pebbles; I have a calm ocean on either side of me; the early morning air is pure and crisp and the landscape surrounding me is one of pure bliss – I am totally in my element. I slowly make my way towards the lighthouse, eagerly snapping away at everything and anything that catches my eye – this moment is too precious not to capture and share. A soft magenta and orange haze set the horizon before blending into a clear, blue morning sky. The sun is yet to rise although I can see its electric orange rays peering over the mountain ranges in the distance. Everything is so peaceful. I am happy.

Point Lowly Lighthouse, Whyalla, SA

Point Lowly Lighthouse, Whyalla, SA

Just before sunrise, thinking this moment can’t get any better, a couple of dolphins swim on by; their fins, nothing more than a dark silhouette popping out of the water against a glistening orange backdrop. The sun hasn’t even risen yet and I am already prepared to label this moment as the best sunrise ever!

The excitement over the dolphins helps kill a few minutes as the sky turns into an intense shade of orange – it is time. This is what we had come here for. The first signs of sun creep up over the mountain top in full force to say good morning. We could not have asked for a better day; the sky is absolutely clear with not a single cloud in sight. It only takes a few mere seconds for the sun to reveal itself in its entirety and sure enough, it does not disappoint. A sparkling, yellow column reflects vertically down from behind the mountain ranges, dividing the ocean in two as it glistens ever so brightly. The sight is nothing short of phenomenal coupled with a side of inspiration – perhaps one of the most gorgeous views I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. I must endevour to fit sunrise-watching into all my future travels. Again, this moment is too good not to share so I snap away like a mad woman and am sure to facebook, tweet and instagram it for those poor souls back at home.

Sunrise at Point Lowly, Whyalla, SA

Within only a few minutes, the sun is completely up and high above us. I am seeing Point Lowly in a whole new light (pun not intended). Everything looks so different. The lighthouse looks so much more alive as the sun strikes it from the north and the pebbles and stones are all various shades of outback red, adding life and personality to the area. Although still pretty, I’m glad we had the opportunity to experience Point Lowly’s beauty prior to sunrise.

Point Lowly Lighthouse, Whyalla, SA

If you are ever in or about the Whyalla area in South Australia, I highly recommend catching a sunrise from Point Lowly Lighthouse. The early wake up will definitely be worth it and you will not be disappointed!