Eyre Peninsula IV – Wilderness Wanders Wildlife Rescue

Eyre Peninsula III – Whyalla to Port Neill

Port Neill to Port LincolnToday marks day three of our epic roadtrip adventure along South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula as well as Easter day. This morning we are making the 87 km (54 mile) hours drive from Port Neill to Port Lincoln. Typically known as the Seafood Capital of Australia, Port Lincoln has a population of 14,000 and is a major commercial centre for the Eyre Peninsula as well as a popular destination for tourists.

There is plenty to cram into today’s schedule, but not before we stop at Del Giorno’s Cafe Restaurant for breakfast. Located along Tasman Terrace in Port Lincoln, Del Giorno’s serves up a delicious breakfast menu at a decent price that is easy on the holiday travel budget. I order an OJ, eggs, bacon, sausage and toast and we choose a table outside to enjoy breakfast with a view.

Breakfast with a view: Del Giorno's Cafe in Port Lincoln, South Australia.

The girls don’t know I have a soft spot for animals so when I mention wanting to check out the wildlife, we explore our options. Many wildlife sanctuary’s in the area charge cover as well as feeding expenses but since this was one of those bargain holidays, we wanted to keep it on the low. After breakfast we make our way over to Wilderness Wanders Wildlife Rescue. Located at 22 Edinburgh Street, Port Lincoln, the incredible Amanda takes in and raises injured and abandoned wildlife from along the Eyre Peninsula. The most amazing part about all of this is that Amanda does not get any sort of payment or government funding for the work she does at Wilderness Wanders; she simply does it out of love and adoration for these animals. As some of these animals are brought in at an extremely young age before they’ve had a chance to learn to fend for themselves, Amanda dedicates herself 110% to raising them, even if it means taking them back to her own home at the end of the day and letting them sleep in her bed with her at night! Let me introduce you to a few of the Wilderness Wanders crew…

SHIRLEY THE KANGAROO: Upon meeting Shirley my heart just melts. She is the most adorable, gentle little thing that I’ve ever laid eyes on, not to mention the fact that she wears a nappy (diaper)! Can you honestly get any cuter than that? Shirley was found safe and sound inside her mothers pouch after her mother had been killed out on the road. She has been an orphan to Amanda ever since and seems to quite enjoy the attention she receives and the artificial pouch made up for her to replicate that of her mothers. If you head in to Wilderness Wanders around the right time, you can lend an extra set of feeding hands to the very much appreciative Amanda, which is exactly what we do. So excited over the concept of feeding time, Shirley gets milk squirted all over her face. Eeeeee just want to squish her with cuddlesssss!

Shirley the joey at Wilderness Wanders.
AUDREY & NIGEL THE PYGMY POSSUMS: I had heard of pygmy possums before, but I have never seen one so I am quite surprised to learn of how tiny these guys are. Audrey and Nigel, both brother and sister, were brought into Wilderness Wanders after being found with their deceased mum in a removalist box. Pygmy possums are nocturnal creatures meaning they sleep during the day and are active at night but Amanda brings them out to meet us. Amanda places one into my palm and a tickling sensation is felt as it quickly races up my neck and makes itself comfortable in my hair!

Pygmy Possums at Wilderness Wanders, Port Lincoln, South Australia.
HELGA & AGNES THE WOMBATS: I’ve seen fully grown wombats before at the zoo and they are definitely not the cutest of animals, but these two baby southern hairy nosed wombats are nothing short of adorable. Agnes and Helga (the younger of the two) were brought into Wilderness Wanders as orphans and were simply too young to be living independently out of their mothers pouch. When they’re not running around their playpen, Amanda keeps them firmly wrapped in blankets to create that secure, pouch-like feeling. Check out the cute video below of Helga and Agnes being playful with one another!

Baby Wombats at Wilderness Wanders, Port Lincoln, South Australia

The work done at Wilderness Wanders is nothing short of amazing. Amanda dedicates every minute of her day to the upbringing of these little guys so if you are ever in the Port Lincoln area, drop by during feeding time and lend her a spare set of hands. If you enjoy your time there, don’t forget to leave a small (or large) donation on your way out to ensure these guys continue to get the care they deserve!

For more information about Wilderness Wanders and up to date announcements of feeding times, become a fan of Wilderness Wanders on facebook.