Five Things the Travel Industry Doesn’t Tell You

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the excitement of planning your dream holiday, but before you make any definitive plans, know there are always trade secrets that get left out of the travel brochure. These five tips will guarantee that you will be as informed as seasoned travellers.

Book With an ASTA Certified Travel Agency:

When you’re due for a 24 hour+ transit, the last thing you want to hear is that your flight has been cancelled, especially if the flights you purchased are non-refundable. Thankfully, a loss like this can be avoided if you book with an ASTA certified travel agent. The ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents) association is the world’s largest organisation of travel professionals and has set the premium standard for selling travel to consumers. Its members are certified travel agencies and companies spread across the world that strive to offer secure ways of travel and ensure that their clients’ money is safe. Travel sites like is an ASTA bonded travel agent and can assure safe travel arrangements, something you should prioritise if you plan to book online.

Shop Around for Travel Insurance:

As most of us know, travel insurance is designed to cover any potential losses on your trip i.e. luggage theft, trip cancellation, illness…etc. The cost of travel insurance is dependent on where you’re flying to and how long you plan to travel. Almost every travel agent will try to sell you minibus insurance as part of your booking, to know more here is  a great post by San Angelo Insurance. Although it’s convenient to purchase insurance with your flights, it is almost always cheaper to shop from independent providers. Shop around online, get free quotes and compare prices with smaller providers. In case of a small accident know Can I Get Car Insurance For Mailbox Collisions?

Road accidents can unfortunately happen especially when you least expect them. Aside from having a travel insurance, having a car insurance as well can save you a huge deal of headache when the expenses file up if you got involved in an accident. Sites like Forbrukerguiden would be able to help you quantify how much your car insurance might cost if you haven’t availed one yet.

The Best Ways to Fly:

The downside to travelling outside of Australia is the high price of international airfares, but there are several ways to save a little money on these expenses. Flights during the ‘off season’ are typically a lot cheaper than flying over Christmas or during European and American Summers. It’s also best to fly during weekdays, specifically between Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you don’t mind a stopover or two, booking indirect flights will often save you a few hundred dollars. Also keep in mind that flying return with the same carrier is often a cheaper option as well. Compare airfare prices on websites such as and for more information.

Book Flights Online in Incognito Mode:

A little known tip – if you plan to purchase your airfares online be sure to either erase your cookies and browser history or switch your web browser to ‘incognito mode’ (private). Certain airline and travel websites have been known to track your cookies, and if your history is filled with similar flight searches, they will increase the price of flights as you continue to check for other deals.

The Perks of Getting Bumped:

Often airlines overbook their flights and this is done in accordance with an estimate of passengers who cancel or don’t show up for their flight at the last minute. If you are flying on a popular day (Mondays, Fridays, Sundays and holidays) there is the risk that your flight will be overbooked and you will be bumped. If this happens, the airline is obligated to compensate you by putting you on the next available flight and offering you either a flight or cash voucher equivalent to the price of your ticket. If your holiday plans are flexible, you can take advantage of this legal obligation by asking to be put on the voluntary bump list when you check in. Be sure to ask about compensation before you volunteer your name, and ask for a cash voucher over a flight voucher because they have greater restrictions and blackout days.