♥ ♥ J’adore Paris ♥ ♥


J’adore Paris. Translation; I love Paris. Anything and everything about this amazingly superb city had me within minutes. Sipping champagne during all hours of the day, having a picnic dinner under the Eiffel Tower with great company, the architecture; everything was absolutely stunning.

I did not think I would take such a liking to Paris; it simply blew me away. Our days consisted of visiting Napoleons Tomb and the Arc di Triumph; being lost for words over the beauty that is Notre Dame Cathedral; wandering the halls of the Palace of Versailles; admiring the Mona Lisa at The Louvre; marveling the beauty of the Eiffel Tower (from below and above), especially when lit up at night (this is so cliche, but the view by night from the very top of the Eiffel Tower was breathtaking); having our photo taken in front of the Moulin Rouge and experiencing a similar cabaret show, La Nouvelle Eve which I thoroughly enjoyed… perhaps a little too much enjoyment came from the complimentary bottle of champagne per person, but even without, the cabaret show was absolutely sensational!

Needless to say, by the end of our over-consumption of champagne at La Nouvelle Eve we were all pretty hammered. Our bus ride back to our accommodation was insane. I have broken memories of everyone standing up and dancing down the aisle of the bus and on the chairs; the boys ripping off their shirts and dancing away; Jade swinging from the bus ceiling and Timmy, our bus driver, cranking up the music to get us all dancing. It really was something else.

Sharon, Me, Jade, Liz, Amy, Jac, Jess & Mel after the Nouvelle Eve... No recollection of this photo being taken!

We just so happened to be in town when the riders of the Tour de France were entering their last phase of the bicycle race and heading back into Paris so we decided to catch the ending of this, because, how often do you get to say that you were present at the Tour de France? The weather was too kind to us; summer in Paris was delightful.

There really were so many fantastic encounters. Which were most memorable? After picking up our Eiffel Tower tickets, sunset under the Eiffel Tower is something I will never forget. That, and getting lost in the backstreets of Paris with wonderful friends. It was here that we came across small family-run food stores. We picked out delicious fruits, ham, salami,  freshly baked, crisp baguettes, red and white wines and chocolate, cream and jam eclairs; heavenly to the taste buds. We found our way back to the Eiffel Tower and had a picnic dinner by it. It was quite surreal to have the Eiffel Tower as our dinner back-drop. I glanced up several times at it and just smiled. I was extremely happy and content with life.

Tomorrow we are off to Lyon and then Nice. I wish we were taking the TGV, but unfortunately we’ll be driving there by bus!

Merci, Paris, merci beaucoup

___________Our picnic dinner by the Eiffel Tower__________Sunset under the Eiffel Tower