Getting Dirty In The Kitchen: LaZat Malaysian Cooking Class

This is a continuation from “We Have Lift Off: Emirates & ParkRoyal – Official Day 1“.

LaZat Malaysian Cooking Class, Kuala Lumpur

This morning we receive some excellent news – The incredible team at Travelscene American Express had been working extremely hard to get us an extra days stay in Kuala Lumpur due to our cancelled flight the day prior. Adam calls to inform us that their efforts have paid off and they have been successful in securing this for us; high-fives all around! Huge thanks goes out to the team, Adam and Monica especially for keeping us in the loop – you guys rock!

Today we are attending the LaZat Cooking School which is located in a contemporary home in a suburb approximately 25 minutes from downtown Kuala Lumpur.

To be quite honest, I am not sure what to expect. At home I enjoy baking, I cook some, but I’m a picky eater so you can see how cooking traditional Malaysian food is not ranked highly on my to do list. Regardless though, I’m excited to give it a shot. On the way there, I play out a series of scenarios in my head that could possibly occur while cooking after having only slept for four of the last 52 hours…

<Cue Homer Simpson singing Spanish Flea>

Bad Cooking Scenarios

I am surprised to see our cooking class is a private lesson for just the five of us – this is nice because our cooking instructor, Saadiah, has more time to focus her teachings on just us. Saadiah seems extremely excited to have us in today and after showing us around, we are served a cup of strawberry oolong tea which is absolutely delicious. We are each handed a cook book and an apron. Kieron seems hesitant at first but eventually livens up to the fact that pink and peach completely compliment his complexion and bring out his eyes…

The crew at LaZat Cooking Class, Malaysia

LaZat Cooking ClassTodays menu consists of…

1. Entrée

Kuih Cara Berlauk – Savoury Meat Filled Cups

2. Main

Sambal Udang and Nasi Lemak – Prawns in Sambal Sauce & Rice in Coconut Milk

3. Desert

Sago Gula Melaka – Sago Pudding with Palm Sugar and Coconut Milk
Saadiah is a complete sweetheart and within only minutes, she knows all our names by heart. She makes cooking seem completely easy and effortless… that is until she tells us that we are all going to crack our egg in two for our entrée using only one hand… jigga what? The trick is to just tap your egg on the edge of a bowl to create a small dint in the shell, but not enough to break the entire shell open. This part seems completely normal, but what happens next is what throws me…

Now, I’m not sure about you, but I am both blessed and cursed with the dirtiest of minds, so when I have a lady that I’ve only just met telling me to feel for the hole with the tip of my finger, I can’t take her seriously. Of course, my finger just happens to be too short so I find myself responding with, “What hole?! I can’t find it!” to which Saadiah replies… “Find the hole with your finger, you can do it, find the hole!” By this point, I really just want to burst out laughing, but cracking an egg is serious business and I must not think impure thoughts, only I can’t help but think of a ton more enjoyable ways to get my eggs cracked… And with the flick of a wrist, voilà, my egg comes sliding out of my neatly cracked shell, which is conveniently still in my hand. I guess I’m better at finding the hole than I’d first thought; wonder if I can list that on my résumé under skills… or maybe hobbies?

LaZat Cooking Class - Kuih Cara Berlauk

Next we multitask our way through our main meal preparation and desert – both require use of our stove tops and a stick induction frying pan. The owner of the cooking school walks in and instead of greeting us with a friendly hi, she is quick to point out that something is burning!

Miranda... No idea what it says, but it makes me laughHeads turn in Miranda’s general direction… Quick, turn your stove down… you don’t want all that hole fingering to go to waste now, do you?!?

Just when we thought things couldn’t get any more entertaining, we are introduced to sago. Sago is an edible starch that almost looks similar to that of bean-bag filling. When boiled and strained, however, it turns into a gluggy, transparent, jelly-like paste. While straining, Jess makes a rather inappropriate yet hilarious comment which my ears just happen to pick up on; I giggle uncontrollably. Miranda catches drift and adds to the filth that is lingering around the kitchen. I can’t stop laughing. We snap some not so lady like photos with our sago before mixing in the coconut milk and palm sugar. I love that I am not the only 12 year old in this group. Out of everyone, I think Miranda is most keen to eat her sago, nothing like some balls to the mouth and a milk mustache to go with it – Mmmm, yum!

LaZat Cooking Class - Malaysia

After having settled down from our sago giggles, we get working at putting our main dish together – presentation is everything! I am rather pleased with my efforts, I guess I have my extensive hole finding skills to thank for this. Surprisingly enough, my appetizer and main were a tingle on the taste buds, but not so much my sago – I’m sure Miranda would have lapped mine up if I offered it to her. The staff at Lazat were all amazing and would clean up after us within seconds – we’d turn out backs for a second and turn around again and just like that, our dirty dishes and mess would be spotless! How’s that for service?!? Our cooking adventure was thoroughly enjoyed and we had some great laughs while there.

The FBFT POLIS crew at LaZat!

I would highly recommend LaZat cooking classes to anyone who wants to experience a traditional Malaysian cooking experience while in Kuala Lumpur!

To be continued…

Have you ever taken a cooking class while abroad?