The Unexpected Travel Twist…

The weekend that went by was exhausting, extremely fun, but exhausting. My work colleagues and I flew up to Sydney to attend the Australian Bloggers Conference #ausblogcon2011, but that is another blog post altogether!

After a weekend of early starts, partying, too much booze and late nights, I was absolutely buggered when I got back into the office this morning and was less than impressed when I visited my weekend-long neglected inbox. Repeatedly banging my head into a brick wall seemed like a pretty good option right then. I wasn’t even able to get half way through before our scheduled 10am arrived.

Our visitors and my small work team were in this meeting from 10am-12pm but it was roughly 11:30am when the unexpected travel twist occurred.

I had not checked my personal email account since the train ride into work that morning. I reached out, grabbed my iPhone and pulled up my inbox. It was nothing short of the usual… Facebook notification garbage, penis enlargement spam, viagara pills on sale at a special price just for me, Mr. Vance from Travelscene American Express… HOLD UP… rewind…

Travelscene Australia FacebookTravelscene American Express?!? I’ve been quite active over at their Facebook page lately and won a few cool things through them, you know, hotel books, DVDs, etc… so my instant reaction was a follow up email from them, perhaps? I knew I entered there Facebook Fan Trip 2 giveaway to Kuala Lumpur but it’s not like you ever expect to win something like that, so the thought didn’t even cross my mind.

I open the email. Mind you, I am still in my meeting…

“Dear Lynda,

Congratulations! You’re our 3rd winner for our Facebook Fan Trip 2 to Kuala Lumpur.

You’ll be travelling with 4 other Facebook Fans come 14 April for a quick trip to Malaysia flying Emirates.”

My heart starts pounding vigorously to the point where I am sure if I raise my left hand slightly, I’d be able to catch it while it’s in all its beating motion glory. Stuff like this doesn’t happen to me. I want to scream, jump up onto the meeting table and do a happy dance in front of everyone. On the other hand though, I also quite enjoy my job and would like to keep it, so I sit there in silence… that is until I can’t take it anymore!

I nudge V who’s sitting to the right of me and show her the email! She interrupts the meeting to announce that “Lynda just won a trip to KL!” Thank God she said it for me! EEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I happy dance on the inside.

I emailed Mr. Vance right away proclaiming my undying love for him – no, really, I did. I was actually so excited that instead of telling him that I accepted my win, the reply was me telling him that I think I was in love with him – Woops.

What does this all mean?

Well, from April 14-18 I will be receiving:

– Return flights from Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur flying Emirates Airlines with three other winners
– Transfers from Kuala Lumpur Airport to a centrally located hotel in Kuala Lumpur (with my own room!)
– Breakfast daily
– Tours of Kuala Lumpur and surrounds
– Two dinners included
– One lunch included
– Travel insurance

This really may be possibly the best thing I have ever won in my entire life! Best belated 25th birthday present ever!

How can you enter?

Firstly, head on over to the Travelscene American Express facebook page and give it the thumbs up and then head on over to the Kuala Lumpur fan trip giveaway page and fill in your details on the entry form page.

This is the second fan trip that Travelscene are running after the huge success of their first one to Noumea a few weeks back. All facebook fans are given the opportunity to enter and four will be chosen as winners for each trip. They are still yet to pick the lucky fourth winner for their KL fan trip, so if you’re from Australia and want to get your ass over to Kuala Lumpur with me in three weeks time, what the hell are you waiting for?!?

If you miss out on this one though, don’t worry, I have a feeling Travelscene will be running plenty more of these fan trips in the near future!


So excited for this! Thank you so much to everyone at Travelscene American Express!
I look forward to blogging this adventure right here. Stay tuned!