We Have Lift Off: Emirates & ParkRoyal Serviced Suites

This is a continuation from “All Packed But No Where To Go – Unofficial Day 1“.

I am currently running on two hours sleep within a 38 hour period; the best part about all of this is I don’t sleep on flights, no matter how long the duration, so this should be fun!

We are greeted at the boarding gate by no other than Scott, the super awesome Emirates dude from yesterday. He remembers us and seems quite pleased to know we each polished off two bottles of wine in his honour last night. We share one last laugh with Scott as he wishes us safe travels – superb customer service on his part.


I had never flown with Emirates before but had only ever heard good things about their service. Upon being seated, we are all given dampened hand towels – This was a first for me on a flight. One would assume this is used to wipe your hands, but not Miranda, no. Miranda uses hers to vigorously stroke her wand in public, and by wand, I clearly mean wipe down her TV remote control in a not-so-subtle and barely flight-etiquette manor. I’ve only known this kid for 16 hours (That is 23 days in Facebook stalking terms) but I already love her, a love I’m sure will blossom as the days go by…

Emirates Plane - Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur

I’m not going to lie, I was a tad nervous having Lucy sit to my right. She had let us know prior that she was terrified of flying and before I could even buckle up my seatbelt, she’d already popped her first two pills. I had images of her clawing my poor, innocent right arm during take off, blood spraying out and me screaming in agony and pleading for her to stop, well, that or a lap full of barf – gross!

I do not sleep while flying so I make use of the in-flight entertainment system for the next 8 hours – this is always my favourite part of flying. Having mastered professional wand-stroking lessons from Miranda earlier, I feel confident in knowing my TV remote is now free of any prior nasty hand germs. Thanks Mims – what would I do without you? The movie list is quite extensive and the touch screen TVs make navigation and selection a breeze.

Emirates on board meal - Dinner

For the next 8 hours while the others sway in and out of consciousness and Miranda falls asleep holding her TV remote in the least-lady-like position possible (pen in her pocket or just happy to be sitting next to me?), I manage to work my way through Beauty and the Beast, Paranormal Activity 2, The Kings Speech and Morning Glory which, by the way, is so, so good! The flight itself is great as is the food served on board – dinner was rice, lamb and veggies with noodle salad, a bread roll, crackers, cheese and chocolate.

The Emirates seats are comfortable and I find there to be more leg room than any other international economy flight I’ve taken before with other carriers. The one thing I enjoyed most about Emirates are the front and below cameras attached to the plane – You are able to view what is in front and under the plane while taking off, flying and landing. I’ve never seen this on any other airline I’ve flown with before so I was very amused and excited, especially when coming in to land at night!

At the end of our 8 hour flight, I’m happy to report that I still have my right arm, unscathed and intact, too! We are greeted at the arrivals gate by Kumar from Asian Overland Tours – He’s going to be our driver during our time here in Malaysia because that’s how we roll.

The group is split until the morning, with Jess and Miranda going to the ParkRoyal Kuala Lumpur and Kieron, Lucy and myself staying down the road at the ParkRoyal Services Suites.


Due to our delayed flight, we thought we might have some trouble checking in when we eventually arrived at the ParkRoyal Serviced Suites but it was quite the opposite. They had already taken care of everything for us and we were warmly greeted by those at the front desk and given room keys.

My room is on the 23rd floor. I am quite eager and excited to check out my suite so I rush over to my door and unlock it. Upon entry, there is a welcome letter with my name on it sitting on the bench as well as a gift box that included a mouse pad, memory card reader, mouse and USB hub. I have never received a gift upon entry to a hotel – is this normal? Regardless, I am already impressed – anyone who buys me presents without knowing me makes it into my good books!

Park Royal Serviced Suites, Kuala Lumpur - Gift in my room

My suite is HUGE! Not just like huge, but, huge, huge – Like so big I just didn’t even know what to do with myself huge! I walk around the room in disbelief and have a chuckle to myself; I’ve never stayed anywhere so beautifully exquisite before. I’m so excited that I may have even frolicked through the closet (while singing Madonna’s Material Girl), which was big enough to be its own bedroom! The kitchen and lounge area were just beautiful, the ginormous walk in closet with paneled mirror walls behind my bed was almost like a dream come true and the bed, well, let’s just say I’ve never slept on anything so comfortable before in all my travels and hotel stays. I had just died and gone to heaven.

ParkRoyal Serviced Suited, KL - View from suite door

ParkRoyal Serviced Suited, KL - My Kitchen

ParkRoyal Serviced Suited, KL - Crazy mirrored walk in closet

ParkRoyal Serviced Suited, KL - View from my bed

ParkRoyal Serviced Suited, KL - TV & Couches

The bathroom was an entirely different story, a good bathroom is something I always look for in a hotel so you can imagine the look on my face when I walked in and saw that my shower could fit at least 8 people in it (don’t worry mum, I didn’t try, well, at least not the entire 8… kidding!). Seriously, there was so much room in my shower that I would jump around and dance in it while showering, making sure to cover every inch of available space with my ever so hot dance moves!

ParkRoyal Serviced Suites, KL - AMAZING BATHROOM

ParkRoyal Serviced Suites, KL - AMAZING BATHROOM

I was seriously crushing big time on my suite which does not sound the least bit healthy or sane, but it was absolutely incredible! I mean, I could see the Petronas Twin Towers from my window for goodness sake – ridiculous!

It took a while, but I was finally able to contain my excitement. It was now Friday 5am – I’ve had two hours sleep within a 48 hour period but funnily enough, I was not feeling exhausted, so I make use of my humongous bed by jumping up and down on it – yes, I am 9, clearly.

<insert two hours of sleep here>

I’m awake at 7am and running purely on adrenalin! I meet with Kieron and Lucy at 8am for breakfast, which, by the way, is included with our stay at a cute little place called Delluca – amazing! Each and every time we would exit and return to the ParkRoyal Serviced Suites, no matter what the time, there would always be the friendly faces of several staff members behind the front desk ready to wish us a good morning or good day or to ask us if we had enjoyed our evening.

ParkRoyal Serviced Suites, KL- Delluca Breakfast Buffet

All the staff we came into contact with had impeccable presentation and manners and they were amongst some of the nicest hotel staff I have ever come across – this is quite impressive considering I’ve travelled to over 24 countries over the last few years! If we were after a cab, they would be there ready to call one over for us; if we needed directions, they were there and ready to direct us – really, the service was just simply amazing and could not be fault, even if I tried!

Best overseas accommodation experience, EVER!

To be continued…