5 Brazilian Getaways Beyond Rio!

Rio has been hogging the limelight as Olympic fever has swept the world. However, there is so much more to Brazil than one Golden city.

Travel membership club WorldVentures, has an array of ideas to find a less discovered Brazil.

For the dare-devil: Near Brasilia, 1,160km North-West of Rio, climb canyons and plunge into waterfalls

Brazil absolutely has the adrenaline junkie covered and the area surrounding the nation’s capital, Brasilia, in the heart of the country is adventure central. Canyoneering through the narrow passages of the Raizama Canyon, rappelling down a waterfall, or flying through the air on the 850m long Vôo do Gavião, a ziplining experience 100m above the ground are all within reach. This zip line experience is one hell of a ride so make sure not to miss this!

The area is not short of natural beauty either, with the opportunity to swim in the many pools and whirlpools formed by the area’s abundant waterfalls.

Brasilia itself is a modernist wonder with amazing architecture, history and world class shopping to keep you entertained while getting your nerve back.


For the foodie: 1,130km South of Rio, kick-back at Oktoberfest in Florianopolis

When one thinks of Oktoberfest, Brazil is likely the last country on your mind. What might surprise you, is that Brazil in fact offers the largest Oktoberfest in the southern hemisphere.

Florianopolis, Santa Catarina is undoubtedly one of the most delicious locations you could possibly add to your bucket list, with everything from filling feijoadas to scrumptious brigadeiros. But don’t take our word for it, UNESCO has also dubbed Florianopolis as a City of Gastronomy.


For the tranquil: 1,500km north of Rio, kick-back on the Bahia Coast

The Bahia coast has everything you need for a relaxing holiday. The tropical coastline boasts crystal blue waters, white sands, and the flourishing green rainforest.

Pull up a beach chair, sail the coastline or kick back by the hotel pool, this is a holiday for ultimate relaxation. If you still need a relaxation boost, find here the new post about the Budpop’s lab tests.


For the photographer: 1,500km west of Rio the picturesque Iguacu Falls are nestled away deep within Parana, Brazil

Surround yourself with cascading waterfalls and tropical rainforest to get the perfect shot. You may even like to grab a bird’s eye view of the action via helicopter, ensuring you have every frame of the beauty that is the Iguacu Falls.


For the eco-conscious: 2,900km north-west of Rio an Eco-Resort deep within the Amazon rainforest may take your fancy

Stay in a stilted bungalow on the top of the rainforest canopy, surrounded by the unbelievable natural wonders that the Amazon has to offer. The Juma Amazon Lodge has no Wi-Fi and no in-room telephones or televisions, so you truly can get lost in the depths of the jungle. Hot showers are available thanks to solar heating, so you can ensure that your stay is as eco-friendly as possible!

Drift out on the floating deck to sunbathe and swim in the river or indulge in local cuisine while watching the sun set over the canopy.



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