Why Do You Fall For Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Not being recognized as the capital of the country, Ho Chi Minh anyway is the most dynamic of all 64 cities in Vietnam and never fails to surprise its first-time or familiar visitors. Have you ever been to Saigon – another lovely name of Ho Chi Minh City? There are tons of reasons urging wanderlusts to come to this region but maybe it is well known for coffee culture, historical places, various foods, friendly locals and hassle free of document procedure.

Coffee culture

If you are a coffee addict, then welcome to the land! Saying Saigon, everyone must have heard of its unique coffee customs where Saigoners drink the black/ brown, sexy-savor water all the time from the morning till the end of the day. Right here in this coffee paradise, the bartenders have been inventing a diversified collection of drinks such as iced coffee, weasel coffee, egg coffee (trust me, this one is amazing!!), etc. The culture is unique due to the exceptional way people enjoy it as well. Not like Hanoi where they drink coffee in branded café shop or restaurants, it’s easy to catch up a normal Saigoner drinking coffee anywhere on the street, anytime in a day. They just need a cup of coffee, sitting on a plastic stool around where they feel comfortable and where they can freely chat with friends.

Historical places

Ho Chi Minh city is seen to be a combination of modern and historical values where the new evolution is on its constant development while the tradition is still well preserved. The past of Vietnam in general and Saigon in particular is quite complicated where there were so many parties involved including French, Americans, Viet Cong, anti-colonist, pro-colonist, socialist, communist, Vietnamese from 1950s to 1970s. Staying in Saigon and there are some places you should spend time visiting like War Remnants Museum, Central Post Office, Notre Dame Cathedral, Reunification Palace, Ben Thanh Market, Opera House Municipal Theater, and other interesting destinations. Whether doing in a guided Saigon tour or discovering it yourself, you will get a great insight of this city.


Various foods

Eat anything at anywhere you drop by in Ho Chi Minh! It’s a precious advice for a wise traveler to discover every corner of this mouth-watering food hub. Just like the capital in the North, this land in the South also appeals its visitors for street foods. Street food is everything more than normal food thanks to its atmosphere and settings around. If you have enough time, let’s try all 7 popular streets including Van Kiep, Su Van Hanh, Vinh Khanh, Phan Van Han, Co Giang, Tran Khac Chan, Nguyen Thuong Hien to immerse yourself into the scrumptious foods here.

Friendly locals

Extremely hospitable, helpful will be the most beautiful words you hear of Saigoners. It doesn’t mean citizens from other regions are not welcoming enough but yes, it shapes the spirit as well as image of locals here. They just simply give you a smile, help you without hesitation, hand you free water in hot weather. That all is so cute, and really love it!!!

Hassle free of document procedure

Just in: For those who travel to Vietnam by AIR, complicated documents are now replaced by Vietnam visa on arrival (VOA). The advantage of VOA is that applicants will book online, get approval letter via email and then get passport stamped at Vietnam airports (if you land in Saigon, it’s Tan Son Nhat airport but if you land in Hanoi, the airport is Noi Bai) so just wait for 2 working days (normal service for Tourist visa) or 1 working day (urgent service for Tourist visa) and Vietnam visa is so closer to you ever. Wish you have a great trip!