Photo Tour of Mdina, Malta – The Silent City

carMdina is a fortified medieval town located on a large hill in the centre of Malta. Evidence of settlements in Mdina go back to before 4000 BC and it is thought to be first fortified by the Phoenicians around 700BC because of its strategic location on one of the highest points on the island and as far from the sea as possible. Mdina, Malta – The Silent City

Mdina, Malta - The Silent City

No cars (except those of a limited number of residents) are allowed to enter Mdina, partly why it has earned the nickname of ‘the Silent City’ , you can always rent a car, be sure to click here for info about that- that and it has a small population of only 300. The silence adds an almost eerie feeling to the town all while allowing you to grasp an appreciation for viewing Mdina as it once was when ruled by the Phoenicians and later, the Normans.

Mdina turned out to be my favorite part of Malta. I could have spent hours getting lost amongst the narrow streets and alleyways. It’s almost impossible to do this medieval town justice through the lens of any camera, but I gave it my best shot. Mdina really is something that has to be seen in person to be truly appreciated. Remember for any road trip like this.


Mdina, Malta - The Silent City


Mdina, Malta - The Silent City

{Below: Was so excited to find my last name on this house!}







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Don’t forget while visiting Mdina to step outside the fort walls and over to Rabat to make a quick pit stop at the Crystal Palace, home to the best pastizzi in all of Malta!

.Mdina, Malta – The Silent City

Mdina, Malta – The Silent City