Drinking Around the World at Disney’s Epcot

There are two things in life that make me smile:

1. Booze
2. Disney World

I ended 2011 at a pretty insane house party somewhere in Orlando. Actually, if you ask me to tell you where it was, I’d fail. We were out in the middle of woop woop (I didn’t even know Orlando had a woop woop), there was a DJ, a piñata, a huge ass back yard with people setting off crazy-big fireworks and a fridge full of beer and liquor. It was like one of those house parties you see in those American college movies – complete with red solo cups, of course. By midnight, I probably couldn’t even tell you my name nor string together a college-educated sentence however I did enjoy random new American faces drooling over my adorable Australian accent. They tried to mimic it, not by repeating anything I said, but by saying phrases like “The dingo ate my baby” and “Throw another shrimp on the barbie” – regardless of whatever it was that they chose to say, they failed miserably. Oh, I do love Americans.

A wise man once told me there is only one way to cure a killer hang over:

1. Wake up and start drinking again

Since 2011 ended on a drunken note, it only seemed fair to wake up on New Years Day and continue drinking, after all, I would have hate for 2012 to get jealous of 2011’s drunken ways.

You can only imagine the delight I felt then when I was told that we would be spending the day drinking around the world at Epcot – possibly my favourite park at Disney World in Florida. Excellent.

This is us before the drinking commenced…

Disney World - Epcot

The World Showcase opened at 11am. Naturally this meant we were at the Mexican Pavilion at 11:01am. The Mexican Pavillion is good for three things:

1. Churros
2. Nachos
3. La Cava Del Tequila

La Cava Del Tequila is a MUST if you are ever at Epcot. They have every kind of tequila you could ever imagine and they have a pretty extensive margarita menu! If you follow them on twitter here @cavadeltequila and mention this while there, you can score yourself a $5 tequila shot!

My fave; the frozen mango margarita – absolutely delicious. I downed mine in record speeds and asked for a traveller. It just so happened that our wonderful bar tender accidentally threw too many ingredients into the blender so my one for the road became two. Oh, the pain and torture of having to drink three frozen mango margaritas in the span of thirty minutes *sigh*…

La Cava Del Tequila - Epcot
It may have only been 11:30am but I was already well and truly toasted. I wanted to frolic in a field of pansies. And by field of pansies, clearly I mean the German Pavilion to consume more delicious adult beverages.

This time it was the wine flight – we could pick any three German wines of our choice from the selection provided. My memory is somewhat clouded but I think I chose Apple Wine, Riesling, and Ice Wine. The later of the three was all sorts of scrumptious.

Germany - Epcot
Three margarita and three wines in and there was no sign of stopping. Onto Italy we went to get ourselves some  more wine. We each ordered ourselves a glass of Moscato – it was undoubtedly delicious but the Italian Cast Members behind the bar that served us, even more so.

Italy - Epcot

By this time I’m roughly 95% sure that I was slurring my words as I do when I’m extremely intoxicated. There was to be no stopping though, after all, the end was near! Hello France and hello orange Grand Marnier Slushy. If I wasn’t drunk enough already, then this thing definitely did it for me. It was muchos strong, but good, but stronggggg.

France - Epcot
I’m not going to lie. After France I have limited memory of what happened. We ended up at the pub in England and while the boys chose to have Irish Carbombs I settled on a pint of Stella. I hadn’t had beer all day and was more than happy to put it ALL IN MY MOUTH! YES! Sweet, sweet beer. We made friends with our bar boys and they had photos with us. Their accents were all sorts of glorious music to my ears.

England - Epcot
I guess after this we went and had Disney Photo Pass photos taken by a photographer, but I have no recollection whatsoever. You can imagine how shocked I was when I input my Photo Pass ID online the very next day and saw a string of professional photos that we had posed for… there was even a sorority-style pose in there :-/ Yeah, who knew?

No recollection of this photo

And that was how I spent New Years Day.


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